Outlook for Growth of the Oil and Gas Industry in 2012

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CLEARFIELD – With 2012, approaching the oil and gas industries in Clearfield County are remaining and continuing to grow.

“Over the past few years, Clearfield County has seen a steady increase in businesses locating to the county to service the oil and gas industry,” said Paul McCloskey, vice president of Energy Development for the Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation. “The CCEDC fully expects that growth to continue into 2012 and beyond.”

In addition to an influx of businesses, permit applications to drill wells in Clearfield County have also been increasing, McCloskey said, with increased drilling activity will come many opportunities for incumbent businesses that are willing to adapt and service this emerging industry.

The CCEDC has launched a county-wide real estate Web site: www.RigMonkeyApp.com. This site features available commercial and industrial space located in Clearfield County. Those who have vacant property (commercial and industrial) are encouraged to visit the site and submit their property for free on the Web site.

“We have also worked to encourage communication and public education at the local level,” McCloskey said. “We have facilitated meetings between the various operators in the county and our local municipal officials. The CCEDC also partnered with the DuBois Chamber of Commerce and EOG Resources Inc. to host an educational event on an active well site at S.B. Elliott State Park.”

As the oil and gas industries continue to grow, there is also expected to be an increase in jobs.

“However, I think it’s important for people to understand the nature of this industry before expecting to make a career in it,” McCloskey said. “Most employment in the oil and gas industry isn’t your typical 9-5, Monday through Friday job.” McCloskey explained workers in the field may be required to work 12-hour shifts with a two week on, two week off rotation.

“Although very demanding, premium wages and opportunities are readily available for loyal people willing to work hard,” McCloskey said. “I encourage anyone interested in working in this industry to visit www.shalenet.org. On their Web site they have a video called a ‘Realistic Job Preview’ it gives a very good overview of what you can expect when working in this field.”

“It’s also important for people to understand that most major oil and gas companies operate like a general contractor,” McCloskey said.

For example, EOG Resources Inc. is a very active production company; however, EOG Resources will be directly responsible for very little employment in Clearfield County. When constructing a well, EOG Resources will hire an excavation/construction company to come in and clear the land and construct a well pad. They will hire a drilling company to come in and actually drill the well. They will continue sub-contracting different companies for each step until the well is completed. McCloskey said this is important to keep in mind when people are looking for a job in this industry. As more local businesses become involved with this industry and grow, more jobs will be available locally.

Jobs will become available not only with drilling companies, but with the service companies that are moving into the area as well as with the local businesses that are experiencing growth due to the oil and gas industry, McCloskey said.

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