Week 11 of the Gant “Expert” Challenge

11/11-11/13 Games Jay Siegel Dave Glass Rusty McCracken Dustin Parks Chris Morelli
Clfd-Johnstown Johnstown Clearfield Johnstown Clearfield Johnstown
P.O.-Richland Richland Richland Richland P-O Richland
MoValley-P. Manor P. Manor P. Manor P. Manor P. Manor P. Manor
PSU-Ohio State Ohio St. Penn State Penn State Penn State Ohio State
Nebraska-Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Nebraska
Kansas State-Texas Texas Kansas St. Texas Texas Kansas St.
USC-Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Bengals-Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens
Chargers-Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
Eagles-Giants Giants Giants Giants Eagles Giants
Last Week 8-2 7-3 6-4 3-7 7-3
Year-to-date 68-32 66-34 61-49 60-40 59-41


The Last Word

Jay: “Well, last week I took all of the local HS teams and went 3 out of 4. This week I’m going against all of the local HS teams. My picks for best chance of winning go : Clearfield, Mo Valley, P-O. All have had great seasons, but I think they end this weekend. Can’t pick PSU yet, although they could win too. The NFL picks are just luck of the draw”

Dave: “Clearfield MUST play better this week than they did last week to win – they need to sustain long drives, contain Johnstown’s speedy skill players, and win the turnover battle. P-O and Mo Valley exceeded all expectations this season, but I think their great runs end this week. Penn State showed me a lot of heart in their loss last week, with a full week of normal preparation I think they can beat a mediocre Buckeye squad. In the NFL, this game is almost a must-win for the Ravens after their debacle in Seattle last week – if they lose this one, they might even miss the playoffs. “

Rusty: “I’m not feeling good about the local team’s chances this week (good luck guys).  Mo Valley is familiar with their foe having scrimmaged Penns Manor earlier in the year – they could have the best chance to win having seen their opponent before.  Penn State better be fired up at the “Horseshoe” – this is the Big 10 Championship on the line.  If you can’t be ready to win that game, you won’t be ready for anything.  The Steelers need the Bengals to help them this week, but I don’t think they have the horses.  The Eagles will probably continue their downward spiral in New York.”

Dustin: “I’m extremely impressed this year with the Mounties. I got to watch most of the game last week as a fan and just like when they played the Bisons, they simply refuse to lose. The game is again at their stadium on Saturday, so I expect a very rowdy crowd once more. As for my alma mater, I couldn’t be more proud. They may have lost last week, but they played with such heart and passion, and that I can honestly say meant more than a win.”

Chris:  “I think the Clearfield-Johnstown game should be one for the ages. I’ve seen Johnstown play and I believe their  team speed will be too much on the turf at Mansion Park. Richland’s John Rizzo will run over the Mounties. He’s a bruising back who will have his way at P-O. I admire Tom Bradley, but it’s hard to see PSU winning at The Horseshoe.”

The Glass Eye: The NFL at Mid-Season
District VI/District IX Playoff: Johnstown Trojans (9-1) vs. Clearfield Bisons (10-1)

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