Leaf Pickup Discussed by Clearfield Borough

CLEARFIELD – Enforcing a leaf ordinance again was the center of discussion at the Clearfield Borough Committee meeting Thursday night.

Several committee members as well as Street Department Head Steve Biancuzzo mentioned curbs and roads, which had been cleaned hours before, gathering new leaves. They didn’t believe they were from the wind but from borough residents creating new piles.

They indicated that it forces the crew of three to rerun routes multiple times a day. Only two street crew workers are left to look after every other aspect of the borough while leaf pickup is going on.

They said leaves raked onto the roads are getting washed into the drains, which leads to drain clogs in the borough.  Committee members also stated they had seen citizens parking their cars in front of curb leaf piles impeding borough workers from getting to the leaves.

“People (need) to realize we have a limited crew,” said Biancuzzo.

“The compost site is open to constituents who want to take and dispose of their own leaves,” said Borough Manager Leslie Stott.

Fred Wisor suggested revealing the extra cost to the borough this is leading to.  When it was suggested that the borough could get a tow-behind to assist in pickup, Wisor had a “better suggestion.”

“We have people dispose of their own leaves,” said Wisor.

“People need to realize that 30 years ago we didn’t (pick up leaves),” said Borough Member James Kling.

“And, when we started, we had a 12-person crew,” added Biancuzzo.

Signs will be posted to alert neighborhoods that the leaf truck will be coming through in the near future. Larry Mack stated that he had seen some of the activities that were mentioned during the meeting. He stated that he would begin enforcing an ordinance against raking leaves onto the roads. He said it hadn’t been enforced strictly enough.

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