Clearfield Florist Awarded Golden Broom

(Photo provided by Kellie Truman)

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Florist receives the Golden Broom Award for the month of October. The Golden Broom Award is a peer-to-peer program initiated by the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation, (CRC) to promote storefront and sidewalk cleanliness. The broom has been passed Sweet Art Bakery who won the award during the month of September. 

Sweet Art Bakery passes the broom to Clearfield Florist because “they do such a wonderful job with their storefront display and their overall appearance is always festive for each season. They coordinated their flower box to match their display and it ties everything together nicely,” says Christy Albertson, owner of Sweet Art Bakery. Michelle Waroquire, owner of Clearfield Florist comments, “We are thankful for being recognizing our efforts, and look forward to passing the broom for the month of November.”

Pictured from left to right:

Michelle Waroquire, Clearfield Florist

Christy Albertson, Sweet Art Bakery

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