Report: Redistricting Lines Being Redrawn by Both Sides

According to a report from PoliticsPA, Democrats and Republicans are working together in a redistricting effort.

The report states:

Caucus leaders and staffers are scrambling to strike a deal on the House and Senate maps in advance of the Legislative Reapportionment Commission meeting on Monday, October 31.

First is Pete DeCoursey’s look at the Pa. House, where his sources indicate that Democrats have agreed to move the seats of Reps. Bud George (whose Clearfield County seat no Democrat will win should George ever leave office) and Chelsa Wagner (who is leaving her South Hills seat to serve as Allegheny County Controller). In return, Dems gain a safe seat in Chester County, and a new Latino-majority seat in Allentown.

Republicans will move the seat of Rep. Denny O’Brien (the super-moderate Philadelphian who is likely to be a City Councilman next year) and Rep. John Evans (R-Erie, who has agreed to retire). They will add a new seat in south central PA, and likely also one in Monroe County.

On Friday, an email from the House of Representatives press secretary for the majority leader sent the following email to news agencies:

Recent comments by Rep. Camille “Bud” George (D-74th District) regarding the current reapportionment process are factually false. As a 35-year veteran of the legislature, this will be Rep. George’s fourth reapportionment process; he certainly understands how it works.

Reapportionment is done after each census to ensure equal representation – one person, one vote.  The Commission chair has instructed all members to take into account population shifts when drawing lines. The fact is, the Commonwealth experienced a shift in population centers overall toward the southern and eastern parts of the state. As a result, it is clear that some seats from the western half of the state must be moved.

It is the Democratic leadership that has suggested moving the 74th district, presently represented by Rep. George, to another part of the state – not the Republican Caucus.  

Our Caucus, in conjunction with the other members of the Legislative Reapportionment Commission, has been working diligently on a fair and legal redistricting plan.  

Gant posted a press release from George on Thursday in which he voiced opposition to the proposed plan.

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  1. Dieselrider

    Some how, I just knew that if Bud George had said it, it couldn’t be true and this proves it. This man has only had his own interest at heart for the last 35 years. If the constituency of Clearfield county could only know just how many times Mr. George has twisted the truth to fit his own agenda, they would be shocked. Glad to see you go Mr. George.

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