Group Works to Improve DuBois

DUBOIS – The Neighborhood Group has met several times with the goal of enhancing the downtown residential area through communication, cooperation and working with the City and Redevelopment Authority and other interested partners.  The group has already had success with a large item pick-up that filled three huge roll-off dumpsters.  Future plans include a “Homes For Sale” Open House, a Curb Appeal Contest, formation of a Rehabbers/Preservation Club and a possible Christmas Decoration contest.  At the next meeting, the most important agenda item is a service project the group will undertake this fall.

These projects are part of an overall effort undertaken several years ago to improve the older, urban areas of DuBois.  According to the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, too many of the nation’s urban neighborhoods have fallen into disrepair, leaving many of these history-rich communities battling for survival.  DuBois is working to enhance the many  positives and minimize the negatives of downtown living.  There are lovely properties located immediately adjacent to downtown that deserve to be highlighted, as well as troubled properties that need attention.

These meetings are open to anyone who lives in a neighborhood adjacent to downtown DuBois, but more specifically the general area between Park Ave. to Olive Ave. and from Stockdale St. to Highland St.  The next meeting of the group is scheduled for Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. at Stew’s Brew Coffeehouse (paid parking lots at library and behind coffeehouse). Questions, call Julie Stewart at 591-2570 or e-mail

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