Gant Daily “Expert” Challenge – Week 7

10/21-10/23 Games Jay Siegel Dave Glass Dustin Parks Rusty McCracken Chris Morelli
Juniata-Clearfield Juniata Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield
Curwensville-ECC ECC ECC ECC Curwensville Curwensville
Tyrone-Philipsburg Tyrone Tyrone P-O Tyrone Tyrone
Mo Valley-WB WB WB WB Mo Valley WB
PSUNorthwestern PSU PSU PSU PSU Northwestern
Wisconsin-Mich. St. Wisconsin Wisconsin Michigan State Wisconsin Wisconsin
USC-Notre Dame ND Notre Dame USC Notre Dame Notre Dame
Steelers-Cardinals Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Falcons-Lions Falcons Lions Lions Lions Lions
Texans-Titans Texans Titans Texans Texans Texans
Last Week 8-2 8-2 7-3 7-3 7-3
Year-to-date 44-16 43-17 42-18 39-21 38-22


The Last Word

Jay: “This is the hardest week, by far, for picking the high school games. Just going against the grain to shake up the standings.”

Dave: “Hard to go against the Bisons at home, big night for their coach… but the game of the week is Tyrone-Philipsburg, the Mounties have a chance to really put together a special season if they can win this game. A PSU loss wouldn’t shock me, but Northwestern is another Big Ten patsy. Both USC and Notre Dame are better than you think, that should be a good game, and I’m shocked that no one else picked the Titans at home – the Texans simply aren’t the same team with Andre Johnson and Mario Williams out.”

Dustin: “Most intriguing game this week…The Tide vs. The Crusaders.  Yes, Brockway is in the driver’s seat for the title right now, but a loss by them and a win by either one of those two schools will close the standings up immensely.  However, I’m going to go on a hunch and pick AGAINST the Tide this week, simply because I think the Crusaders will come back strong after last week’s loss to the Rovers.  As for the college front, I think if PSU stays consistent (except at quarterback like we all know they won’t), they will win, and Michigan State is riding high after defeating the Wolverines last week.  The NFL front…hah, why bother even talking about it.  Those games are simply too easy to pick.”

Rusty: “I always get nervous when I look back to my picks and have most of the road warriors winning, but that’s the way it goes this week. The Bisons roll past Juniata, the Tide will prove to have the better running game in St. Marys and the Black Knights out-dual the Warriors.  Penn State will continue to look good in the Big 10 by beating mediocre teams while the real conference game will find the Badgers winning.   It’s funny how similar the Nittany Lions and the Steelers games have been in recent weeks – no real competition to speak of.”

Chris: “I’m putting the Nittany Lions on upset alert this week simply because they are bound to stub their toe sooner or later. The QB carousel will finally catch up with Penn State this week under the lights in Evanston. I like the Steelers to win the Super Bowl XLIII re-match. I don’t have a reason as to why they’ll win in the desert. Just call it a hunch.”

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