Disposal Injection Well Discussed at Sandy Supers Meeting

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DUBOIS – The injection well planned to be drilled on Highland Street Extension brought a crowd to the Sandy Township Supervisors meeting.  The injection well is slated to be drilled in Brady Township, but is within a mile from both Sandy Township and the City of DuBois.

The type 2 injection well was stated by the concerned citizens to be for the purpose of burying used fracturing fluid.  The well would be dug 7,300 feet down into sandstone where the fluid would be pumped for storage.

Jim Mack stated that there were 61 homes within a mile of the planned well that are not on city water.  According to Mack, Supervisor Brady LaBorde was one of those 61.

Charles Gunderman had concerns as a couple gas wells have already been drilled within 500 feet of his water wells, and this has increased sediment deposits in his water.  Gunderman explained his filters have been handling this sediment so far.  Gundnerman stated that there were two existing injection wells in Clearfield County.

Ralph Nimbey stated concerns with the existing abandoned wells in the area, and the cost burden to area citizens to test their water every year to make sure no contamination has occurred.

Grace Bergin brought up methane migration and the impact on property values the well could have if something were to go wrong.

The supervisors did not offer a response during the meeting.

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