LTE: More Questions Than Answers

Was I unfairly kicked out of the Curwensville Borough Council meeting Oct. 10?  You be the judge.

I attended a Curwensville Borough committee meeting Oct. 6 at the Moose.  This meeting was canceled for a lack of a quorum.

I attended the Curwensville Borough regular meeting on Oct. 10. I asked the following questions:

Does borough council have the authority to create a 501c3 non profit corp?

What are the legal requirements for a committee chairman to call a meeting?

What is the spending limit a chairman can spend on a committee meeting?

If a committee meeting is canceled for a lack of a quorum and the meeting is continued as a personal meeting are the borough taxpayers responsible for expenses incurred by the personal meeting?

If a member of borough councilman negotiate a contract and the end result of the contract benefits either this Councilman or the organization he forms is this a violation of the borough code?  No answer from council.  I then sat quietly until the acting president of council began to complain about the negative attitude of the borough citizens and why the newspaper did not report about his meeting on October 6.  I stated “it was obvious why they didn’t” and the acting president slammed the gavel down and said I was out of order and I was expelled from the meeting before I could finish my sentence.  The following was what I was going to say “there was nothing to report as the meeting on October 6 was canceled for a lack of quorum.”  Am I not allowed to defend the good citizens of Curwensville Borough and the newspaper from negative comments made by the acting president of borough council? 

Gerald J Joe Wills


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