Investigation Concluded into Two Suspicious Incidents

CLEARFIELD – The investigation has concluded into two suspicious incidents that begun Monday, Sept. 5 and Saturday, Sept. 10, the Lawrence Township Police Department reported today.

The first incident report consisted of a Middle Eastern man being observed in the Lowe’s parking lot. He was reportedly taking photographs of Interstate 80 as well as other buildings in that area, police said.

The second incident was reported to police by the Clearfield-Lawrence Township Airport after a small aircraft had flown in late. The pilot had parked the plane there before walking away.

Because of security-related issues and the incidents occurring the week leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001 anniversary, Lawrence Township Police initiated an investigation into both of these complaints.

Police determined the Middle Eastern man’s identity through a New York registration plate. A citizen had obtained the information, while he was at Lowe’s. At that point, police contacted both New York law enforcement and the FBI.

The male was subsequently cleared by federal law enforcement and didn’t have any connections to criminal activity, police said.

Police conducted surveillance on the small aircraft, and as a result, they determined the pilot was traveling from Alaska to Sunbury. The pilot indicated to police that his aircraft had a mechanical failure, causing him to land at the airport.

Police were assisted in both incidents by the Pennsylvania State Police ordinance team, officials and law enforcement from the state of New York, and the FBI, Pittsburgh Office. They expressed gratitude to the citizens who reported these incidents and also reminded the public to report any suspicious activity.

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