Dog Hollow Speedway Results – September 2, 2011

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STRONGSTOWN, PA – Mike Blose of New Bethlehem and Ray Edwards of South Fork earned their first wins of the season Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway in the Townsend Gas and Oil Super Late Models and Four Cylinder Sidewinders respectively on Trico Welding Trophy night.
Repeat winners included: Andrew Satterlee of Rochester Mills picked up his fourth straight and sixth of the season in the Stoystown Auto Wrecks Fastrak Late Models, Tyler Hite of Altoona got his second Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Street Stock Main, while Matt Krause of Brisbin grabbed his third win in the Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks and Bob Pease of Blairsville picked up win number six in the Modified Four Cylinders.

Mike Blose and Sammy Stile led the Super Late Models to the green flag with Blose putting his Ford powered number 5 in the lead and never relinquishing it. As Blose led, Stile and Clate Copeman were fighting for more than a race lead, but a title, as they run first and second with one more points race left.

In the meantime, as they battled for the top three spots, new comer George Lee was flying through the field. Lee started 13th and by lap 8 he was eighth. He was up to fourth by lap 20 and picked off third from Copeman on lap 22, but Stile wasn’t about to give up his position as he chased Blose over the line. The top five were: Blose, Stile, Lee, Copeman and Denton Boyer. Boyer and Billy Eash won the heats.
John Eckenrod and Andrew Wylie led the Fastrak Late Models to the start with Wylie taking the lead. The first caution waved on lap four and this put Andrew Satterlee along side of Wylie on the restart, with Satterlee out running Wylie into the first turn. As Satterlee began to pull away by about a car length, Wylie was trying to hold off another young driver, this time Transten Stoner. A short time later, another youngster, Shane Weaver got into the mix. Of the top four it is believed Satterlee is the oldest, and the oldest was able to once again hold off the challenges for his fourth straight win and sixth over all. Stoner won the fight for second with Wylie, Weaver and Ken Herman completing the top five. Heat wins were split between Satterlee, Herman and Jim Boyer.

The Street Stock feature was a heated one from the drop of Bob Sullinger’s green flag, as Jeff Sweeney beat Ray Hickok into the first turn and as the field exited turn two on the first lap, they were three wide, with Sweeney on the outside, Hickok in the middle and Tyler Hite on the inside. They stayed three wide for the next lap, with Sweeney leading at the line. A short time later Mike Desch and Nick Goss joined the fight, as they made it a five car battle for the lead. The lead swapped several times a lap, but when they crossed the line to be scored, it was always Sweeney, but on lap 11 Decsh used the outside of Sweeney off turn two for the lead, but before it was scored, Hite made an inside move off the fourth turn and he was who led the lap, with the final five laps being just as close as the first 11, at the end it was Hite holding on to win over Desch, Goss, Sweeney and Hickok. Sweeney won the only heat.

Matt Krause beat Marshall Detwiler off the line at the start of the Pure Stock feature and led the event from start to finish, but not without pressure. Detwiler gave Krause the heat the first nine laps, then 12th place starter Justin Queen came into the picture, pressuring Detwiler for second and relieving him of the spot on lap 10. Queen then needed a yellow to give Krause a run for the win, with five laps to go, the caution flew, with Queen lining up behind Krause. As the race resumed Krause was trying everything to hold off Queen, as they exited turn four on the final lap, Queen dove under Krause and came up about a half a car short at the line. The top five were: Krause, Queen, Mike Calhoun, Adam Pletcher and Detwiler. Calhoun was disqualified in the post race tech and the new top five saw Matt Summers in fifth. Krause and Jim Hamilton won the heats.

The Four Cylinder Sidewinders saw Ray Edwards and Chris Yoder led the field to the start with Edwards taking the lead and setting the pace, but he had Yoder and Sean Fitzpatrick on his bumper the entire 14 lap distance. As the race wore on Bill Hassenplug got into the mix but Edwards was able to hold on for his first win of the season. Yoder, Hassenplug, Fitzpatrick and Gene Charles completed the top five. Edwards and Fitzpatrick won the heats.

Tim Brant and Paul Little led the Modified Four Cylinders to the start with Brant taking the lead at the start and was setting a good pace when Bob Pease took the lead away on lap eight. Once in the lead, it was all Pease getting his sixth win of the season. Brant, Mark Maglet, Little and Jesse Short completed the top five. Maglet won the heat.

DOG TRAX: 100 cars filled the pits including 20 Super Late Models, 23 Fastrak Late Models, 10 Street Stocks, 14 Pure Stocks, 23 Four Cylinder Sidewinders and 10 Modified Four Cylinders…This Friday is the final point race and just about all divisions are still left undecided. The drivers will determine the 2011 champs on the final laps…This week is a regular show for the Townsend Gas and Oil Super Late Models, Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models, Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Street Stocks, Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks and Four Cylinder sidewinders and Modified Four Cylinders and there are kids bike races, helmets must be worn and the Pure Stocks will run their Top Dog Shoot-out. Pit Gates open at 5:30, main gates open at 6 and racing begins at 7:30 p.m. For more information check out the website at


Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models (20): Mike Blose, Sam Stile, George Lee, Clate Copeman, Denton Boyer, Steve Everhart, Dwayne Brooks, Billy Eash, Dan Lee, Jim Kurpakus, Scott Yount, Dwayne Taneyhill, Scott Stein, Rick Davis, Shawn Claar, Joe Zulinsky, Sam Gindlesperger, Bill Burns, Randy Smithley, DNS: Dan Swartzlander.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers FASTRAK Late Models (23): Andrew Satterlee, Transten Stoner, Andrew Wylie, Shane Weaver, Ken Herman, Joe Moyer, Butch Lambert, Brian Lessley, Mike Laughard, John Eckenrod, Kyle McFarland, Joey Petyak, Jim Boyer, Wes McKeel, Joe Brawley, Rich Logan, Matt Bassaro, Billy Stile III, WL Stile, Ed Kline, John Mazey, Tim Snare, Jr., DNS: Jason Mullen.

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Street Stocks (10): Tyler Hite, Jim Desch, Nick Goss, Jeff Sweeney, Ray Hickok, Bill Pluta, Jr., Randy Wilkinson, Alex Kirsh, Mike Mellott, DNS: David Rocker.

Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks (14): Matt Krause, Justin Queen, Adam Pletcher, Marshall Detwiller, Matt Summers, Jim Hamilton, Eric Ager, Rich Powell, Bob Helsel, Matt Henry, Darren Smouse, Brian Paulson, DQed: Mike Calhoun, DNS: Lee Fitzpatrick.

FWD 4 Cylinder Sidewinders (23): Ray Edwards, Chris Yoder, Bill Hassenplug, Sean Fitzpatrick, Gene Charles, Mike Phillipson, Jayson Newlin, Tim Lamer, John Costa, John Hayes, Jack Theys, Ashley Rocker, Mark Rematt, John Lamer, Megan Myers, Gus Davis, Jim Kleitches, John Welsko, Stephanie Ivory, Frank McGuire, Ben Blystone, Ryan Claycomb, Dustin Tolar.

Four Cyliner Modifieds: (10): Bob Pease, Tim Brant, Mark Maglet, Paul Little, Jesse Short, Ashley Britsky, Rick Lamer. DNS: Martin Vinosky, Dana Krause, Chris Hickok.

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