Fair Board Honors the Memory of Daniel and Carolyn Royer

(Photo provided by Greg Hallstrom)

On Thursday morning, family of Dan and Carol Royer and members of the Clearfield County Fair Board gathered to honor the memory of Daniel and Carolyn Royer. In 1971 Royers Concessions started the family operated business with wife Carol and children Denice, Tammy, and Dan Jr. They started with a wood stick-built stand selling French fries and wing dings. They now have 12 food trailers and four game trailers. Daniel loved the fairs, always trying something new and keeping everyone wondering what he was going to come up with next. The only thing that kept him away from the fairs was when he was in the hospital with his illness. The other love of his life was his grandchildren. They kept him active the past few years and looked forward to him watching from the stands and his words of wisdom, that’s what kept him going the last few years after the death of Carolyn. After the loss of both Daniel and Carolyn, the family is keeping the business going just as they would want it to be done with Dan Jr. running the majority of the fairs, Tammy helping out and Denice as a sounding board, just as Mom and Dad would expect. The Royer Family would like to express their appreciation for all of your continued support, and over the past 40 years. The Directors have many memories of Daniel and Carolyn and will miss them greatly.

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