Big Time Rush Packs Seats at Clearfield County Fair

(Steven McDole)

CLEARFIELD – Friday night the stands and track were filled with enthusiasm as Big Time Rush took the stage.

Big Time Rush is a simultaneous band and TV show in the roots of The Monkees.  Casting began in 2007 with the group launching in 2009.  Their debut album, B.T.R. was released in 2010 with a new album due out later this year.

The band played older songs such as “I want to be famous” and their newest single “If I ruled the world”.  For the parents they played an oldie, “I want to hold your hand”.

“It’s awesome!” answered three audience members when asked what they thought about the show.  Brenton Rodkey, Ashante Moore and Greg Martell of Clearfield voiced their joy at being there in near unison.

Many audience members brought signs to hold up during the show.  At least one girl had a sign that requested one of the band members marry her on one side and a phone number on the opposite side.

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