Fair Parade as Popular as Ever

(Steven McDole)

CLEARFIELD – The 2011 Clearfield County Fair Parade marched through town and into the fair grounds.  It started at 6:00 pm, but continued until after the sun had set for the day.

The parade was enjoyed by many who watched it this year.

“It’s good.  It’s always good.  You get to see a lot of friends along the way,” said Tom Puzzuto.

“So far so good.  I’m glad that the rain stopped.  There seems to be more horses than in years past,” said Mike Catalano, who had watched many of the fair parades in the past.

“I think it’s fantastic.  Everyone’s out and involved with it,” said Stacey Dysart, first time Clearfield County Fair Parade watcher.

“I think it is a fantastic parade, but personally I think the world trade center float was a little out of place,” said Andrew Howard.

Howard said he understood the sentiment, but wondered if there could have been a better method to express it.

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