Caregiver Sentenced in Client Theft Case

CLEARFIELD – A caregiver accused of stealing from a former client  was sentenced on Tuesday.

Nancy L. Coudriet pleaded guilty to a felony count of access device fraud, three misdemeanor counts of access device fraud and a misdemeanor count of theft by unlawful taking.

On the felony count of access device fraud, she was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to submit to DNA testing at her own expense. She is also not permitted to be employed as a caregiver to the elderly without first getting written consent from the family of the client sent to the probation office. She is also to have no contact with the family of the victim in the case. On the three charges of misdemeanor access device fraud, she was sentenced to two years of probation on each count, with each term to be concurrent to each other and consecutive to the above count. On the count of theft by unlawful taking, she was sentenced to two years concurrent probation. She was also ordered to pay fines and costs as wells as restitution.

A report from the preliminary hearing in the case can be read by clicking here.

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