Explosive Noise Explained at City Council Meeting

One of the broken windows of the Hallstrom building. (Steven McDole)

DUBOIS – An explanation for an explosion heard throughout the City of DuBois on Monday was explained during the City Council meeting that night.

The suspect, whose name was withheld until charged, was said to have confessed to igniting an object that caused the sound, according to DuBois Police Chief Mike DiLullo.  The suspect is in custody, but had not yet been charged with anything as of the meeting.

A casing was found at the scene on E. Locust Street by city emergency response personnel.  DiLullo, said the shell matched that of a concussion firework mortar usually fired in the air.  This shell had gone off next to the Hallstrom building.  Three to four windows of the Hallstrom building were damaged and one window on the neighboring house.

DiLullo stated that there would likely be more information released on Tuesday.

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