New Computer Software, Hardware Approved at Clearfield Borough Council Meeting

(GantDaily File Photo)

CLEARFIELD – New computer hardware, software and possible part-time employees were approved at the Thursday night meeting of Clearfield Borough Council.

Council approved the purchase of the Metroalert Police software for $11,653.  With this software comes additional software and hardware through ProCom.  ProCom, will receive in part, $2,700 for server hardware and another $1,200 for labor, other hardware and software setup.

Council approved Officers Eric McBride and Kem Parada to be made permanent part-time officers as they had exceeded their probationary periods.  Three additional part-time workers were approved to join the force.  Ralph Nedza and John Likotavich were approved without conditions.  Jeremy Adams was approved on the condition of favorable results from required testing in Harrisburg.

“Do we need this many?” asked Council Member Fred Wisor.

Borough Manager Leslie Stott said yes.

The reason for the large amount of part-time officers is to counter the two-full time officers who had retired.  When asked after the meeting, Mayor James Schell stated there were five full-time officers currently and five part-time officers, counting Parada and McBride.  The hiring process for a full time office becomes more complicated and involving civil service once a borough reaches three full time officers.

During the meeting when the topic of hiring more full time officers came up the answer was given as “maybe”.

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