Dog Hollow Speedway Results – July 17, 2011

Submitted by Terry Whetstone

STRONGSTOWN, PA – The inaugural Connor Bobik Memorial race at Dog Hollow Speedway, held in honor of six-year-old Connor who lost a brave fight with cancer this winter, drew a near capacity crowd on Sunday night for the first ever appearance by the 410 sprints and a UFO Super Late Model special.

Rod George of Kittanning earned the right to win the Sprint main while Devin Friese of Chambersburg copped the UFO portion and Shawn Jett of Harrisville, WV picked up the Fastrak Late Model laurels.

The Sprints took to the speedway first in a 30-lap test with Jeff Taylor taking the lead from the inside of the front row at the start. As Taylor led, Vern Wasson was sitting in second, but Taylor was pulling away. Fourth place starter Bobby Howard was third and closing on the leader, but it was ninth place starter Rod George who was headed to the front. George moved to fourth by lap three, as Howard moved under Taylor for the lead off the fourth turn on lap nine.

As Howard was leading, George was still coming to the front, as he moved past Taylor and into second on lap 11 and set his sights on the leader. As the race continued, George had reeled in Howard and was trying to find the right groove around and finally on lap 19, George had the lead and started to open up a small lead. George then continued to victory lane over Howard, Kevin Shaeffer, Taylor and Andy McKisson. Scott Lutz and Danny Holtgraver won the heats.

The UFO Super Late Models hit the speedway next with Jason Covert and Devin Friese on the front row, as Friese darted into the lead of the crashfest which saw about 11 cautions slow the event.

While most drivers won’t give up the inside groove, Friese wanted the outside, as he never relinquished it from the start of the event. As he was leading, the second place battle was a heated one as Covert had to try and ward off Jeremy Miller, but Miller was able to wrestle away second from Covert on lap 11 and set his sights on the leader.

Miller would repeatedly try the low side of Friese, but Friese was determined to hang on, but Miller was able to grab the lead on lap 25, but the side-by-side action was hot and heavy as Friese fought back.

On lap 35 Miller led again at the line, and he continued to lead down the backstretch, but Miller became a statistic that lap as he lost power and drifted to the bottom of the track in turn three. Upon pushing the leader to the pits, a puddle of oil was found under where he was sitting.
This gave Friese the lead back, but now he had defending race winner Covert on his bumper, and as the green waved for the final nine laps, Covert went to the low side of Friese and the top two ran side-by-side the final nine laps, often Covert would pull ahead, but never at the start/finish line, as continued to battle Friese, who was working the outside of the track like a professional. Several times they crossed the start/finish line in a near dead heat, lap after lap they fought for the lead, before Covert bobbled in the second tune on the final lap and that was all Friese needed to be able to win by half a car length at the line. The top five were: Friese, Covert, Jared Miley, Ron Delano Jr. and Jared Hawkins. Heat winners included: Miller, Covert and Hawkins.

The final event of the night was the Fastrak Late Models as Ken Herman and Shawn Jett led the field to the start with Jett taking the lead and not giving it up, but he didn’t just walk away with the win either, as he had pressure the whole way from Ricky Meglaye and Herman. While they were all battling for the lead, the crowd was keeping an eye on 24th place starter Joe Martin, who was working his way through the field and finally ran out of laps.

When Kevin Smyers waved the checkered flag it was all Jett, having held off Meglaye, Herman, Dan Karalagas and Martin who climbed all the way to fifth. Heat wins were divided by Andrew Wylie, Tim Snare Jr. and Jett.

DOG TRAX: 67 teams filled the pits including: 24 UFO Late Models, 18 410 sprints and 25 Fastrak Late Models…A crazy auction was held throughout the night, with the proceeds going to the local Make-a-Wish foundation in the name of Connor Bobik Memorial…The auction raised $2,565 and of the $150 was a donation from the Pine Township Fire Co…Drivers in the pits came from: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, West Virgina and Austraila…Coming up this week is a regular show for a regular show for the Townsend Gas and Oil Super Late Models, Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models, Hooseir Tire Mid Atlantic Street Stocks, Brush Valley Tire Pure Stocks and Four Cylinder sidewinders and Modified Four Cylinders with sponsorship by K&P Towing along with kids bike races. Helmets are required…Coming on July 26 it is the first ever visit by the World of Outlaw Late Models. More details are on the website at

410 Sprints: 1. Rod George, Kittanning; 2. Bobby Howard, 3. Kevin Schaeffer, 4. Jeff Taylor, 5. Andy McKisson, 6. Vern Wasson, 7. Danny Holtgraver, 8. Scott Lutz, 9. Dan Shetler, 10. Dan Kuriger, 11. Billy Jones Jr., 12. Tracy Potter, 13. Brandon Denochik, 14. Bill Eash, 15. Dennis Wagner, 16. Jack Helget, 17. Marty Perovich, 18. Scott Pursell.

Townsend Gas and Oil Super Late Models: 1 Devin Friese, Chambersburg; 2. Jason Covert, 3. Jared Miley, 4. Ron Delano Jr., 5. Jared Hawkins, 6. Boom Briggs, 7. Gregg Satterlee, 8. Sam Gindlesperger, 9. Paul Dominick, 10. Jim Struble, 11. Jeremy Miller, 12. Scott Rhodes, 13. Kenny Schaltenbrand, 14. Sammy Stile, 15. Quinten Weyandt, 16. Dwayne Taneyhill, 17. Dave Blazavich, 18. Danny Mitchell, 19. Rick Davis, 20. Dan Swartzlander, 21. Mike Blose, 22. Matt Dobnick, 23. Rodney Phillips, 24. Chad McClellan, 25. Keith Barbara.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers Fastrak Late Models: 1. Shawn Jett, Harrisville, WV; 2. Ricky Meglaye, 3. Ken Herman, 4. Dan Karalagas, 5. Joe Martin, 6. Transten Stoner, 7. Mike Pegher, 8. Tim Snare Jr., 9. Ron Smithley, 10. Shane Weaver, 11. Joe Moyer, 12. Jim Boyer, 13. Ryan Montgomery, 14. George Kowatic, 15. Joe Petyak, 16. Troy Shields, 17. Daniel Angelicchio, 18. Brian Lessley, 19. Andrew Satterlee, 20. Mike Laughard, 21. Tommy Snyder, 22. Andrew Holtgraver, 23. Wes McKeel, 24. Matthew Bassaro.

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