CNB Bank Helps High School Students with Banking Course

CLEARFIELD – During the 2010-2011 school year, 1,670 area senior high school students learned the importance of financial responsibility and basic money management with an innovative curriculum supplement sponsored by CNB Bank. Aptly named ‘How To Do Your Banking,’ this seven-lesson financial skills course includes lessons on preparing a budget for life after high school; formulating savings strategies and making savings account choices; keeping good financial records; opening, managing and reconciling checking accounts; establishing and keeping a good credit rating; and shopping for loans. 

 “Several years ago, CNB held a focus group discussion in which attendees from the community were asked, ‘What keeps you up at night?’  In the course of the discussion, the primary concern noted among the participants involved was that high school-age students be given ‘life skills’ education prior to graduating and entering the real world.  Specific requests were for an emphasis in handling a checking account, how to obtain and maintain good credit, the importance of budgeting and what to look for in purchasing a vehicle.” 

Joe Bower, president and CEO of CNB Bank, went on to say, “We feel a strong responsibility to the communities we are part of and, in response to this discussion, we turned to the ‘How To Do Your Banking’ course.”

‘How To Do Your Banking’ is sponsored as a public service of CNB Bank and is now being offered in 24 area high schools by faculty members.  Bank representatives make themselves available for support in classroom instruction as well.  

“This was a great tool that made teaching financial education easy.  It is also a simple package that students could share with their parents.  Much thanks!” commented a teacher from Northern Cambria High School. 

Teenage Research Unlimited reported that a 2009 biennial nationwide study showed that two-thirds of millennials are “somewhat” to “very concerned” about their personal finances.  The current economic times have forced these millennials to be more responsible with their money.  CNB has stepped up to help educate these students about personal finances and how to make good decisions with them.   

An instructor from the Clearfield Area High School commented, “I hope that this program will be available next year.  I received a lot of positive feedback from the students.  Most said that they would not know how to do their banking without learning it in school!”  Another teacher from Kane Area High School stated, “The guest speakers from CNB Bank were very helpful.”  

“CNB sponsors this program because we are concerned that the financial training young adults receive has not kept pace with today’s economic climate,” added Joe Bower, President and CEO of CNB Bank. 

Based on strong, traditional values, CNB Bank is dedicated to being the premier financial services provider in the area, focused on the changing needs of people and businesses in their communities by providing the highest quality service.

The CNB Bank web site is

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