Clearfield Man Tazed After Resisting Arrest

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man is facing chages after reportedly resisting arrest.

David L. Kulling, 59 of Clearfield, faces charges of resisting arrest or other enforcement, disorderly conduct, harassment and public drunkeness.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, officers of the Clearfield Borough Police Department were called to Southwest Third Avenue for an incident. It was relayed to police that the caller reported loud bangs and a woman screamin, “No, no, stop.”

Police activated their lights and siren on the patrol car and responded to the area of the scene. Officers believed that due to the information, a woman was being assaulted.

Police did not have an exact address, but did notice a woman waiving them down. She was asked if she was the caller and indicated she was. She stated the incident was occurring on Gulich Avenue. She said she heard yelling between a man and woman, and she said she heard the woman yelling “stop” and “help.”

Police noted that the caller was scared for the woman at the residence in question, as she was shaking. Officer Mike Rowles reported hearing a man screaming from the residence, “You need to get the hell out.” Rowles reported that the officers could hear a thumping sound. The affidavit states that officers heard the man begin a countdown, stating, “You have thirty seconds to ge the hell out.” Police reported that he began counting down, and while doing so, would yell, “Get the hell out.” The man reportedly missed numbers while counting down, and would then start up from another number.

Police made their way to the rear of the residence and rang a doorbell numerous times. The man reportedly said, “Who the &$#% is that.” Shortly after, police observed a man make his way to a sliding glass door, where Rowles was located. The man reportedly slid the door open slightly and stuck his head out. According to the affidavit, when he realized who was at the door, he said, “Where is your warrant?”

Rowles noted a small cut above the man’s left eye, with a small pool of blood around it. The man was asked to step outside and speak with the officers. He then attempted to shut and lock the door. Rowles reacted and and grabbed the handle to slide it back open. The man reportedlycame at Rowles with both hands, attempting to shove him backwards. Rowles kept his balance, and he and Officer Nathan Curry grabbed the man and pulled him outside.

Rowles stated in the affidavit that the reason for opening the door was for safety; officers took into account the information they had as well as the yelling and screaming and the thump that they heard. Rowles stated that officers believed they had a domestic incident on their hands, and that if the man reentered the residence without them checking on the woman, things would get worse.

Rowles reported that once the man was on the deck, he continued to resist officers. That lead police to take him down on the deck. The affidavit states that once down, he still would not submit and tried to get up. Curry reportedly gave him a number of warnings, and that if he did not comply, he would get tazed, which eventually occurred. Police were eventually able to subdue the man.

After he was taken into custody police saw the woman standing in the doorway. She would not come outside. Curry attended to her, and Rowles noted that he would see she had been crying and had smeared makeup and disheveled hair. Curry tried to get information from her, but she was reportedly uncooperative. The affidavit states that she wanted the police to leave and the man to come back inside. When asked about their relationship, she said they were friends. She said the man, identified at this point as David Kulling, had been drinking a lot. It was reported that while Curry spoke with the woman, Kulling continued to yell at her, stating, “Are you going to press charges against me?” This was reportedly done on more than one occassion, and each time the woman would say no and ask for police to let him come back inside.

Kulling was taken to jail and the police went back to the neighborhood. They spoke with the caller again, who provided a statement. Officers also spoke with another witness, who said he heard a man threaten a woman, stating, “If I am the one that leaves, I will come back tonight and kill you.” A statement was also obtained from that witness. Reports Temporary Shutdown at Clearfield Ethanol Plant
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