CRC Offering “Adopt a Box” to Help Promote Trees Downtown

CLEARFIELD – The trees in downtown Clearfield are an essential part of our community. Trees create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment and they increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements into our downtown setting. In addition, architectural and engineering functions are served by our downtown trees. They frame landscapes, create beautiful backgrounds and enhance building designs. Trees can also provide privacy and emphasize beautiful views. Studies have shown that customers are likely to spend up to 12 percent more at a business along a tree-lined street. The health of the trees are important to your business and your town.

 If you have a tree box in front of your business, the life of that tree depends on you. The CRC is introducing “Adopt a Box” Program and is hoping to have all the tree boxes adopted by Memorial Day. Preferably, the CRC is encouraging businesses to adopt the boxes in front of their establishment, but anyone is able to adopt a tree box.

There is a total of 88 tree boxes in downtown Clearfield. There are 23 on South Second Street, 33 on Market Street, 24 on Third Street, and eight on Locust Street. The CRC Design Committee is adopting the two trees in front of the CRC office and plans a work day for May 25th.

The Design Committee met with DCNR Arborist, Timothy Frontz, for his recommendation on tending the tree boxes and will be following his recommendations. Frontz assessed a few different boxes, and found that the older trees planted in the 1980’s (along Market, S. Second & Locust) still had the landscape lining around the base of the tree. The main function of the fabric was to block sunlight from reaching weed seeds and young sprouts and to prevent them from germinating and growing while still allowing air and water to penetrate through to the soil. Frontz stated that weeds are now sprouting through the fabricn and the fabric has cut into the base of the tree as the tree has grown over time. His recommendation is to remove the fabric lining, replace the soil and properly mulch the trees.

The CRC Design Committee will be using the recommendations of the Arborist and hopes to set an example for the rest of the tree boxes in downtown. If your business has already taken care of your trees with mulch and planting this year, or plan on doing so, please contact the CRC by June 1st to formally “adopt” your trees.  All trees that go un-adopted will be then open to individuals or organizations in the community to adopt. If you have an interest in adopting a box, please call 765-6000.

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