Police Report: LTPD

  • Police were called for an incident of speeding coal trucks on Carbon Mine Road.
  • Police received a call for a theft from the Clearfield Area High School.
  • Police responded to Dairy Lane to assist a motorist who had locked their keys in their vehicle. Officers were able to unlock the vehicle.
  • Police were called about a protection from abuse order. Officers handled the request without incident.
  • Police responded to Bowman’s Hill Road for a vehicle that was stuck in a ditch. Officers and bystanders were able to push the vehicle free.
  • Police responded to Sapp Bros. for a minor accident in the parking lot.
  • Police responded to Edgewood Apartments for a domestic. A man was breaking items then left prior to police arrival.
  • Police responded to Krebs Highway for an accident. No injuries were reported.
  • Police were called about a dog theft. Officers advised that it was a civil matter.
  • Police respoded to Snappy’s for a report of a gas drive-off. The vehicle is a read passenger car.
  • Police helped a motorist who had locked their keys in their vehicle.
  • Police responded to the Days Inn for a fight. The group was found outside. The man was found to be the cause and arrested.
Police Report: Lawrence Township
Police Report: Lawrence Township

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