Anderson Creek Releases 400-yard Score Match Schedule, Information

Anderson Creek Sportsmen’s Club

976 Viaduct Road, Rockton, PA

400-Yard Score Matches

22-caliber Class

Any 22-caliber rifle, any ammunition and any scope power can be used.

30-caliber Class

Any 30 caliber rifle, any ammunition and any scope power can be used.

Unlimited Class

Any rifle, any center-fire caliber, any bullets and any scope power can be used.

Course of Fire

There is a match fee of $5 per target.

An IBS 300-yard score target (bulls eye with sighter) is used for the 400-yard match. Participants have five shots on record target with unlimited sighter shots. There is 15-minute time limit.

The lowest five holes on targets with excessive hits will be scored. All firing is done from the bench, with separate front and rear rests. The club-provided wind flags are placed at 100, 200 and 300-yard marks only. Spotting scopes are allowed.

The first through third place finishes are paid in both the 22- and 30 caliber as well as the unlimited classes.

Any participant who cannot keep all of their shots within the backstop will not be permitted to continue firing.

The range will open for practice at 12 p.m. Matches are scheduled for the following dates: April 9, June 19, July 17, Aug. 21 and Nov. 13. All matches will begin 1 p.m.

For additional information about the 400-yard score matches, please contact Tom Hamilton by phone at 814-236-3828 or via e-mail at

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