CRC Announces Facade Improvement Grant Winners

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Revitalization Corporation, (CRC) kicks off the spring season with three new facade improvement projects in place. They are Rivers Bend Properties located at 18 N. Second St., Hess & Fisher Engineers located at 36 North Second Street, and Ethan’s Cafe/Angry Bean located at 112 N. Third St. The Facade Improvement Program is intended to stimulate private investment in the preservation of historic downtown architecture and to foster image-making improvements to downtown commercial properties. A total of $12,000 has been granted toward all the projects, spurring a total of $30,000 in private funds.

(Design provided by Kellie Truman)

River’s Bend Properties plan to clean the surface brick and repair any existing damage to the cornice and mortar joints on the second floor. Extra care will be taken to preserve existing architectural features such as the angels. A new awning will be installed on the first floor with gooseneck lights above the awning and recessed lighting underneath as well. A retail store will fill the vacancy on the first floor, with executive office space filling the vacancies on the second floor.

(Photo provided by Kellie Truman)

Hess & Fisher Engineers plan to paint and restore trim and signage on all three floors facing Second Street. Although the facade grant only applies to Second Street, all improvements will be carried throughout the Locust Street side as well. Plans also include restoring the fascia hanging from the upper parts of the building, and the metal and windows will be painted the historical green that is currently there. Trim will be painted the current salmon pink and golden yellow, with added copper tones over the dark-salmon tones. This will accent the copper awning on the first level.

(Design provided by Kellie Truman)

Ethan’s Cafe/Angry Bean plans are to improve the cornice extending the entire length of the top of the building. Three metal awnings will be constructed; two metal awnings will be forest green and will be placed over Ethan’s, boxed in with recessed lighting; a jockey red metal awning will be placed over the entrance of the Angry Bean. The awning over the Angry Bean will have gooseneck lighting shining down on the awning and new sign, but the sign is separate from the grant. There will also be four window boxes constructed and placed at all four windows with decorative trim. 

Funding for the CRC Facade Improvement Program is provided by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) through the PA Main Street Program. Grants are made in accordance with the CRC Facade Improvement Guidelines and Policies, and are in conformance with all applicable state and local requirements. Funding for facade improvements in the next fiscal year may be uncertain at this time.

Main Street Manager Kellie Truman said, “As the state budget has seen many cuts, this program is not promised to the CRC next fiscal year. We may need to find another source of funding.”

She continued, “The CRC currently has one round left which will take place in June. We encourage all business owners in the main street district who are interested to apply. If we have a high enough demand, another option is to submit a letter of intent to DCED and request more funding.”

Although there are only three projects this round, all projects are very high impact. Truman explained, “The Design Committee looks for that “wow” factor in each project which we’ve been able to accomplish. We’re really excited with the projects for Spring 2011. Through this program, we are investing in our local economy through local contracting jobs, and are stimulating private investments in the preservation of historic downtown, all while improving the image and enhancing our sense of place one storefront at a time.”

If you would like to inquire about the Facade Improvement Program, please contact the CRC office at 765-6000.

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