Curwensville Residents Urged to Follow Proper Procedure When Lodging Complaints

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CURWENSVILLE – Citizens in Curwensville Borough were urged on Monday night to follow the proper procedures when lodging complaints against borough workers or contesting citations.

This came following a meeting in which a number of people arrived to seemingly air their complaints against part-time police officer Butch Auber. One citizen took the podium during public comment and stated that he had a complaint. He was asked if he filled out a complaint form, which he said he did, and displayed it to council. He was informed that complaints are then given to the borough secretary. The complaint then goes to the police chief. He and the mayor then discuss the complaint and address it. After being told that council would not address the complaints, about five citizens stood up, handed their complaints to the police chief, then left the meeting.

Another resident came to the meeting to protest a parking ticket. He stated that he has a loading/unloading zone sign in front of his business, parks thereĀ and frequently leaves his business for work purposes. Auber stated the the man received a ticket due to the fact that he was parked on the sidewalk, an infraction of the vehicle code. Auber stated that if the man wanted to contest the ticket, he would need to go before the magisterial district judge.

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4 thoughts on “Curwensville Residents Urged to Follow Proper Procedure When Lodging Complaints

  1. Taxpaying Citizen

    In that case I urge the Mayor and members of Boro Council to let the citizens know the proper procedure to file a complaint. I was told by both the Mayor and two members of council to go to the meeting to recite my complaint. I simply filled the proper form out myself earlier that day and was told by the Boro Secretary and Mr. Curulla to bring the form back to the meeting later that night to speak on the matter! I was even put on the agenda to speak about it. It was listed clearly on the agenda what I was there to talk about and the council let me sit there and waste an hour and a half before I wasn’t allowed to speak. Then again I wouldnt expect anything less seeing how unorganized everything is over at the Council meetings. Seems to me there are alot of Integrity issues in this boro!!! On a good note I would like to thank the Chief of Police for his assistance on this matter. However one good apple doesn’t make the bunch any good!!!

    • Ettaro

      Hello there “Taxpaying Citizen”.

      Thank you for your comments and for bringing this issue to light. I tend to agree with your assessment that overall this Boro is in sore need of getting organized. This is exactly why I’ve been pushing so hard as I have on such matters. My apologies that you wasted your time last evening. I understand your frustration and would like to help in any way that I can, but it sounds as if your concerns have been addressed accordingly.

      You’re right in that we must do a FAR better job in keeping the public informed as to policies, procedures and events in our town. This comprehensive re-structuring that we’re currently undertaking will help this, but more than that, a good, uptodate public website and a quality PublicAccessTV station will amplify these efforts ten fold and would give all citizens a much broader voice in their community.

      Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to speak on these or any matters. I’m in the book.

      In the meantime, I urge you as a concerned citizen to keep up on matters and come voice your opinion on how this Boro can improve.

      Sam Ettaro
      Curwensville Boro Council

      • Taxpaying Citizen

        Thank you for the reply Mr. Ettaro. I respect your insight on this matter. In my judgment if there were six council members like yourself that meeting would of been ran alot smoother. I sincerely mean that! I agree with everything you wrote in your reply. I have all the respect in the world for the Mayor, and council members trying to make this community a better place. I just feel as I have been misled. I was told I would have the chance to tell my complaint, and that simply just did not happen. If that is the council’s protocal then I guess I just have to live with it. I will, however, get in contact with you. Thanks again!

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