Curwensville Borough Council Considers Duties

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CURWENSVILLE – Following a roller-coaster two monhts, Curwensville Borough Council is looking to get its house in order.

After former Council President Mark Curulla’s resignation last month, council members were asked to consider duties for their elected positions. Employees of the borough were also asked to submit their job duties/descriptions.

Council member Sam Ettaro praised the borough employees for a quick turnaround on the request. He noted that in regard to the police and street crew, their duties pretty much mirrored what’s within their union contract.

“Hopefully in a few months we’ll have an employee handbook.”

Ettaro said he and Secretary/Treasurer Autumn Norris worked on putting together the lists, which he called starting points.

“We haven’t been operating efficiently,” Ettaro said of council. “Wondering who does what.”

He suggested that council consider putting together standing committees to oversee different aspects of the borough’s operation, rather than have one person handle the majority of the work. Ettaro proposed eight committees, including: from public works and municipal services, personnel, public utilities, finance, public safety, community and economic development, street, and parks, recreation and environmental advisory.

Council members were asked to consider the drafts and bring changes or recommendations to the next meeting.

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