A Letter to the Clearfield Area School District Board of Directors

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Below is a copy of a letter sent by GantDaily to the Clearfield Area School Distrit Board of Directors regarding the board’s decision not to provide the Girard-Goshen Elementary School roofing study.

To: The Clearfield Area School District Board of Directors

I’m writing members of the school board in regards to your regular public meeting held Monday, Feb. 28, 2011. Afterward, board President Dave Glass declined to release the roofing study for Girard-Goshen Elementary School, which was presented during the meeting by Mr. Nevin E. Taylor of C.S. Davidson. 

The staff at GantDaily believes the roofing study is a public document, paid for with taxpayer funds.

The study was presented in detail as well as both referenced and recognized during the meeting. We believe the public has the right to inspect and obtain a copy of the study pursuant to section 708(b)(10)(ii) of the Right to Know Law, the board packet exemption.

While we understand that the board would like to preserve your ability to pursue whatever litigation you may, it remains our belief that releasing the study in no way waives your right to pursue litigation. You, after all, heard a lengthy presentation on the subject of the presentation. 

We ask that the board make available the roofing study for the Girard-Goshen Elementary School.

Aaron T. Evans



March 4, 2011

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