‘The Cave’ Preview … Unstoppable

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Here’s a sneak peak at this week’s movie review of ‘Unstoppable’.

The story itself is based on true events , which is shocking, because just about the only accurate event relating the film to the real life incident in Ohio is the seemingly absurd way that the mammoth train escapes the reigns of its handlers.  The train’s original conductor, played by actor Ethan Suplee (Mall Rats, American History X) is creeping The Beast out of the rail yard when he notices a switch in front of him has not been thrown to put him on the correct track.  While this machine can flatten a dime with ease, it can’t exactly stop on one, so our bumbling conductor decides to hop out of the slow-moving behemoth and flip the switch manually.  Now, it’s important to note that the train is equipped with automatic air brakes to stop it in the event the conductor becomes incapacitated in some form (like, say, jumping off a moving train to throw a switch), but unbeknownst to the conductor, the air brakes have not yet been properly connected.  When the conductor attempts to climb back aboard the train, he loses his footing, and away we go…

Check back on Wednesday for the full review by Claypool Jones.

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