Wozniak Supports ‘PA Works’ Plan

HARRISBURG – State Sen. John N. Wozniak joined Senate Democrats in support of a plan to improve Pennsylvania’s tax climate, foster job growth and trim state spending.

“We can’t wait any longer for leadership on the state’s economy,” Wozniak said. “My constituents want jobs, not excuses and partisan posturing over issues that have nothing to do with the serious problems we face.  This plan takes a bold step toward reform and reinvestment in Pennsylvania workers.”

At a news conference in Harrisburg, Senate Democrats outlined a six-point plan intended to spur creation of thousands of jobs, trim millions in state spending, and create a workforce ready to thrive in the new economy.

“I hope that we can use this plan as a place to begin bi-partisan discussions and make progress,” Wozniak said. “Legislators on both sides of the aisle should realize that families are frustrated.”

The plan, called PA Works, focuses on six key areas: small business, workforce training, critical state investments, clean energy, infrastructure investment, and tax reform.  

PA Works uses innovative ideas that will spur job creation, promote a business-friendly environment, and expand business opportunity.  Solobay said every issue and every decision made in the coming months should be gauged by its impact on job creation and retention.

“Small businesses, which spend most of their money in the local community, need to compete with global challengers and the first step is a tax system without loopholes overburden local businesses,” he said. “We want to support entrepreneurs who create opportunity and make sure they get the money they need to get started.”

            The PA Works plan includes:

Putting Small Business First:

  • Increase flexibility under Small Business First Fund
  • Encourage financial institutions to be more aggressive small business lenders
  • Regulatory relief to promote expansion
  • Expand tax credit incentives  

Real Training for Real Jobs

  • Consolidate job training programs  under single state agency by creating  an integrated “one-stop” system of workforce investment and education services
  • Redirect federal resources to create on-the-job training program modeled after Georgia Works
  • Shared Work program to relieve the stress on UC (Model Missouri’s Shared Work)
  • Provide “Green Workforce” training grants

Funding What Works, Fix What Doesn’t:

  • Recapitalize Business In Our Sites to create new shovel-ready sites for development
  • Create a new dedicated fund for key investment programs
  • Refocus job creation tax credit program
  • Prioritize MBE and WBE incentives
  • Give taxpayers a return on successful investments 

Clean Energy:

  • Expand green building investment programs
  • Enact Marcellus Shale Drilling Plan
  • Strengthen synergy between universities and private energy investments
  • Encourage smaller municipalities and rural communities to make energy efficiency investments
  • Guarantee more contracts for PA supplier companies

Business Tax Reform

  • Reduce CNI to 7.5 percent by closing DE Loophole
  • Increase single sales factor and NOL Ceiling for home-based PA firms
  • Explore other tax options to create a modern and fair business tax system 

Infrastructure Investment:

  • Find Transportation alternatives such as public private partnerships, new tolling options and bonds as short term solutions
  • Water and Sewer investments such as finished CFA H2O and new Marcellus alternatives
  • PUC oversight new-investment plans
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