McMillen Seeks Another Term as Commissioner

Joan Robinson-McMillen (Provided Photo)

Over the past 3 years as your commissioner, Joan Robinson McMillen has fought to control county expenses just like each and every one of you have done in your personal and business lives.” I have fought to balance a budget decimated by unfunded mandates and ravaged by out of control healthcare costs, and after three years, I lowered taxes by 1.3 million, returning the money to you the taxpayer. “

In times when the state and federal government raised taxes and ran unbalanced budgets McMillen fought to cut taxes and return the taxpayer’s money back to you. 

“When I asked for fiscal responsibility I included myself and did not take the pay raise set by the previous board of commissioners. I have always believed that you lead by example,” said McMillen

“I will continue to work with all the municipalities in Clearfield County to take full advantage of the vast opportunities that are available. Clearfield County needs high paying, high quality, family sustaining jobs. Over the last three years I have worked to market Clearfield County to industries looking to relocate, as well as supporting businesses that are already here. 

“Our history has been in our natural resources. We have deep roots in coal and logging. Now we are blessed to sit in the heart of the richest natural gas field. We need to work with these industries to create jobs and free ourselves from foreign oil, while using the best available practices to protect our environment. American jobs produced by the proud people of Clearfield County! 

“For those of you who are unemployed or have been hurt by this horrible recession, I pledge to get up everyday and work for you. Being a County Commissioner has never been about a job, it’s about trying to make our home a better place to live, work, raise a family and invest.

“I am convinced that Clearfield County’s best days are ahead. 

“I am asking for your vote on May 17.”

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2 thoughts on “McMillen Seeks Another Term as Commissioner

  1. provoking1

    I laud the foresight of the current commissioners to tackle the serious issue of the antiquated “money pit” that was structurally a nightmare.

    The stroke of luck that there was a building that was located in the perfect proximity to the court house makes logistical sense. In fact from a fiscal position, the move now to seize the opportunity for that location and to do it for less than one could be built was a sign of foresight and a feather in the three commissioners hat.

    To ignore the long term consequences of continuing to try to maintain that old building that needed major repairs, and cost a fortune to operate would have been fiscally irresponsible and very short sighted at the consequence of the middle class taxpayers who are the footing the bill.

    I also laud the commissioners for the team approach that enables them to both work regionally and allow each other to go to conventions to promote clearfield county to business owners instead of just printing out brochures. This will be what create jobs.

    One thing for sure, if someone was taking a commissioners job for the money, they are in the wrong position. They would be better served taking a regular county job that would pay overtime. The sacrifice of time, travel and being away from the family is not a job but a service position.

    Of course, these positions are ones by which the judgment of the field will take place. Are those running for commissioner afraid of making decisions in the best interest of the county or are they worried about relected/being elected?

    The Gray Building is one such demarcation. People now have to come to a decision based on the facts.

  2. Denny

    Mrs. McMillen,
    It is my understanding that even though you may not have voted for your pay raise, you are still required to take it and then do something with it on your own. If this understanding is correct, I would ask what you have done with the additional funds you received?
    Also, in regards to lowering taxes, you may have lowered taxes but you also voted to build yourself and your cohorts a $1.9million office building. While your previous office building sits empty and not on the tax rolls, the tax paying citizens are still paying for the heat, electric etc. in your previous office.

    You claim that you have attempted to “market” Clearfield County to businesses looking to relocate. I would ask that you provide a list of what businesses you have had a direct hand in bringing to our local area and creating jobs for the local people?

    In my opinion the current commissioners have shown a lack of fiscal responsibility, as well as a lack of understanding for the local middle class. I think maybe if you would give up your reserved parking space and actually have to search for a place to park your vehicle downtown it may bring you closer to the true working class of Clearfield.

    I wish you the best of luck in your attempt for reelection but I for one will not be giving you my vote. My vote will be going to someone new as I feel that yourself and the other commissioners have not done the job that you were hired to do.

    Denny Bailey

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