Pack 2 Tours Novey Facility

(Photo provided by Mike Boal)

CLEARFIELD – Members of Cub Scout Pack 2 of the Clearfield Presbyterian Church recently visited Novey Recycling Inc. to learn about recycling, and conservation.

The boys were accompanied by Bear Den Leader, Kathy Miller and got a tour of the Novey Facility after the close of business on Feb. 12. The tour consisted of both the auto salvage area, the main scrap yard, and the recycling warehouse. The boys were shown not only metal recyclables, and processes, but also the glass, paper, and cardboard recyclables. There were demonstrations of the different machines, and processes, with a question, and answer session after each.

When asked about the tour, Novey Operations Manager Mike Boal said “ These boys were willing to spend their Saturday afternoon learning about recycling, and conservation, instead of sled riding with friends. We would be selfish not to take the time to educate our leaders of tomorrow about something as important as recycling, and conservation. I spoke with the group about fund raising opportunities. This shows the boys that recycling is not just good for the environment, but their piggy banks as well. Novey Recycling, Inc. will remain committed to educating our youth about the importance of recycling, conservation, and how the two make earth a better place to live.”

Pictured from left front row are Cub Scouts  Camron Brown, Seth Miller, and Adam Miller. Back row Cub Scout Bear Den Leader, Kathy Miller, and Novey Recycling, Inc. Operations Manager, Mike Boal.


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