Thompson Votes to Support Review of Burdensome Federal Regulations, Condemns Impact of EPA on Rural Farms

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-5, of Howard has voted in support of H. Res. 72, a resolution directing House committees to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations and orders from agencies of the Federal Government, with respect to their effect on jobs and economic growth.

The resolution passed the full House of Representatives by a vote of 391-28. Thompson issued the following statement upon final passage: 

“The EPA’s onerous regulatory burdens will have devastating economic impacts on the 5th District and rural communities across America. Small towns, rural farms and ranches will be forced to meet arbitrary requirements and be punished for the federal government’s unwillingness to recognize the environmental gains from voluntary conservation practices at the state and local levels,” he said.

“We must build on the practices and knowledge of local communities to strengthen American agriculture, and passage of H. Res. 72 is a positive step towards removing the cloud of uncertainty this Administration’s burdensome regulatory requirements have cast over rural America.”

As Chairman of the Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy & Forestry, during a recent debate Thompson spoke on behalf of the House Agriculture Committee regarding federal regulations under the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the economic impact on the agriculture industry and rural economies. The full video footage of Thompson’s floor remarks can be viewed by clicking here.

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