Sandy Supers Hold First CDBG Public Hearing

DUBOIS – Sandy Township held its first public hearing for the Federal Fiscal Year 2011 Community Development Block Grant Program Monday night prior to the regular township meetings.

The amount awarded for the 2010 CDBG was $205,103.00.  Municipalities have been notified by the state to expect a reduced amount of funding for this year, but no set amounts have been given..  Due to this, Sandy Township is planning based on receiving $195 to $200 thousand.

The purpose of the first public meeting was to give a overview of the procedures and list of planned projects to be funded.  70 percent of the funds have to benefit low to moderate income persons and a maximum of 18 percent can go to administrative costs.

Named projects for consideration for funding include: Jefferson Avenue Sewer Line Replacement, Slab Run/Adrian Furnace Waterline Interconnection, and Economic Development Activities.

The next public hearing is planned for March 7 where the Sandy Township Supervisors will review and approve projects in more detail.

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