Maple Producers Take Top Honors

Once again the maple syrup producers in Potter & Tioga Counties have received top honors for their product at the Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show. They were awarded first place honors in 8 of the 18 categories and placed in the top three in 13 categories. They have been in the top three consistently for the past 20 years.  The best Pennsylvania Maple Syrup comes from Potter and Tioga Counties!

You can find out for yourself at the upcoming Maple Weekend where 14 sugar shacks will be open March 26 and 27.  At each one you will find their unique twist on how maple syrup is produced – from wood or oil fired evaporators to elaborate osmosis systems.  Each location has a unique selection of products.  The mix of products may include -syrup of course, maple candy, maple mustard, maple crème, salad dressings, maple cotton candy and much more.

Farm Show results, maps, and directions to the sugar shacks can be found on their new website at They can also be found on Facebook at Potter Tioga Maple Producers Association.

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