Water, Sewer Rates Change in Sandy Township

(GantDaily Graphic)

DUBOIS – Water and sewer rates will change in Sandy Township in upcoming months. 

Rates will be changing to a monthly billing and a near-fixed plan.  The new water rate will be $15 minimum for water usage under one unit, 1000 gallons.  Above this threshold the price drops to $10.70 for the rest of the water use.  Sewage’s new minimum is $15.00 as well with the post minimum rate of $13.50. 

The old water plan had the minimum for the first unit at $17.00, but dropped to $8.50 then would drop again.  Sewage has a similar stepping down plan, but was paid quarterly with the minimum of $55.20.

 “This is an adjustment,” said Township Manager Dick Castonguay when asked if this would be an increase or decrease. 

The relative decrease or increase in bills will depend on how much water and sewage a household use.  The minimums for both sewage and water have decreased, but the post minimum rates have increased. 

The Kiwanis Trail project was stated at the meeting to be beyond 70 percent completed with 60 percent of the completed lines having been tested and ready to be hooked up to.  The water tank’s construction is on hold till warmer weather for the caulking.  The pump house isn’t planned to be completed till spring with parts not expected to be delivered till March.

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