Clarification:Micks to CCRTA: CCEDC to Introduce VP of Energy Development on March 15

CLEARFIELD – At Wednesday’s regular meeting, board members of the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority were urged to attend and welcome the Clearfield County Economic Development Corp.’s new vice president of energy development on March 15.

“I’ll probably remind you a time or two before then,” said Nancy Micks, board chairman. She said the event is set for 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the CCEDC on Spruce Street and will be hosted by the Clearfield and DuBois Chambers of Commerce.

She continued, “I certainly think we all should try to attend and give him our thoughts. I encourage you all to be there. They’re constructing a facility that’s geared toward the Marcellus Shale industry with plans for another similar to it in the DuBois area.”

According to a previous GantDaily report, Rob Swales, director of the CCEDC, announced its creation of an energy department with one, full-time staff person to serve as its leader in early November 2010. He said then the person who filled the position will act as the liaison between the county and those companies engaged in energy projects.

He said the person will recruit energy-related companies to relocate into Clearfield County and be the “coordinating resource” between the energy industry and local government and state permitting agencies.

He then also unveiled the construction plans for the Alliance Park Energy Complex, a 20,000-square foot facility that will house companies, which are a part of the unconventional gas market.

Swales said that the new complex will be located in the Clearfield County Alliance Park on Spruce Street. He said the facility will have five suites, which are to range from 3,000 – 5,000 square feet, available for lease.

On Wednesday, board member Greg Sheehan asked if anyone on the county level had explored the possibilities of converting over to natural gas as it may reduce some costs. Board member Joan Robinson-McMillen said that it was a “flip of a switch” to convert a vehicle.

However, she said there isn’t a lot of interest in constructing natural gas fuel stations if manufacturers don’t intend to build vehicles to match. She said people do not want to convert without having a convenient place to refuel.

“(Being able to) refuel is a big thing,” she said. When asked by Sheehan, Robinson-McMillen said it was approximately one-half million to construct a natural gas fuel station.

Micks said it would require an entrepreneur to step forward. At that time, Sheehan said if a small group established, they could construct and open one of these fuel stations locally.

Micks said that Jamie Straub, economic development specialist at CCEDC, was organizing an event at a gas drill site. She said that Straub wants to invite community members out to the site, so that they can interact with the workers who “actually do the drilling.”  She said Straub had not announced a date and time for the event.

CLARIFICATION: Jamie Straub, chief operations officer of the CCEDC, said they have not yet announced the new VP Of Energy Development yet.  “We plan on making our announcement at the end of the month once we finalize our selection and make a formal offer.”  The mixer information is correct and we do plan on having a mixer to introduce the new person on March 15.

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