Potential Gas Well Truck Traffic Worries Curwensville Borough Council

CURWENSVILLE – The potential for a massive increase in truck traffic in Curwensville Borough has borough officials worried.

On Monday, Curwensville Borough Council President Mark Curulla stated that the increase in truck traffic would be from trucks taking river water to gas well sites. Curulla stated that while they don’t know where the intake valve will be located, the potential truck traffic will be high, about 100 trucks per day.

“We don’t have the roads for it,” said Curulla.

He added that according the information council was given, each truck would carry 20,000 gallons of water. He stated that he hoped the intake valve was placed at Curwensville Lake so the truck would have to utilize state routes.

Curulla noted that the subject is still up in the air and that a public comment period through DEP is expected before a permit is issued and water extraction can begin.

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2 thoughts on “Potential Gas Well Truck Traffic Worries Curwensville Borough Council

  1. charlie61451

    What’s really hard for me to believe is that Mark Curulla would believe that a truck would be operating on any roads while carrying 20,000 gallons of water. I sincerely hope that was a misprint, because 20,000 gallons of water would weigh 83.3 tons; quite a bit more than any truck operating in the area could possibly carry. 2,000 gallons I could believe, but not 20,000.

  2. shankapontamous

    it is hard to believe that a curwensville council member would make a comment that a state route in curwensville borough could not handle the additional traffic of 100 water trucks on its roadways. council members are responsible for bringing new business to the area- not discouraging it. curwensville borough lost way much more commercial vehicle traffic when the cheese plant, the dog bone factory, the tannery and narco closed in the last decade than the increase of a new business would bring to the area. i really dont think curwensville has or ever had a traffic congestion problem. i encourage new business to come to the area. i hope this member of council does not get re-elected!

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