Bison Wrestlers Finish Second at Tool City; Danver Picks Up Win Number 100

MEADVILLE — The Clearfield Area High School wrestling team had eight placewinners that enabled them to finish second to Erie Cathedral Prep in the team race at the 32nd Annual Tool City Tournament at Meadville High School.

The highlight of the weekend was 171-pound senior wrestler Derek Danver earning his 100th career win on his way to his first Tool City title. Danver is only the seventh Bison wrestler to ever join the exclusive 100-win club. After picking up his 1ooth win in the semifinals over McGuffey’s Brent Blacharczyk, Danver went on to earn his 101st win in the championships finals by defeating Cathedral Prep’s Grant Chase 4-2.

Danver is one win short of tying current assistant coach Brent Lykens for sixth place on Clearfield’s all-time win list. Next up on the list is Tim Taylor’s 107 wins.

Also garnering his first Tool City title was fellow senior Cliff Hill. Hill picked up his second pin of the tourney in the semifinals, then beat Cochranton’s Cameron Cyphert 7-4 in the 215 finals.

Suffering their first losses of the season were Shane Peters and Christian Stone.

At 103 Peters, a senior, was upset by Cathedral Prep freshman Jake Gromacki 8-4. Gromacki went on to the tourney title, while Peters fought his way back to place third.

Sophomore Stone, at 112, had a major decision in the semifinals; then was beaten 6-3 by Howland (OH)’s J.R. Perry.

A surprise finalist, based upon his fourth seed, was 119 pounder Dylan Graham. Graham, a sophomore, had to settle for second place in his inaugural Tool City tourney after being turned back 7-4 by McGuffey’s Tyler Harris.

Also placing was 130 pounder Nolan Barger, who matched his seed with a third place finish, 135 pounder Troy Danver, who won three consolation matches to place fifth, and 140 pounder Cody Lansberry, who placed sixth.

Clearfield will return to dual meet action on Tuesday night when they host Bellefonte at the Arthur Weiss Gymnasium.

*Tournament second day results and team placing copied from (Clearfield bold face results added):

Teams: 1. Cathedral Prep (CP) 201  1/2, 2. Clearfield (Cl) 160, 3. Greenville (Gv) 131 1/2, 4. Howland, Ohio (H) 127, 5. Boiling Springs (BS) 126, 6. DuBois (D) 123, 7. General McLane (GM) 109, 8. Saegertown (Sae) 96 1/2, 9. Conneaut Lake (CL) 89 1/2, 10. Cochranton (Coc) 85, 11. Meadville (Mv) 83, 12. McGuffey (Mc) 81, 13. St. Ignatius (SI) 75 1/2, 14. Maplewood (Mw) 62 1/2, 15. Titusville (T) 47, 16. Warren (W) 36.

Championship brackets


103 pounds: Gromacki (CP) d Peters (Cl) 8-4; Zeigler (SI) 9-2.

112: Stone (Cl) md Seabright (Mc) 16-2; Perry (H) p Byers (BS) 4:36.

119: Graham (Cl) d Cornicelli (H) by injury default; Harris (Mc) d Juracko (CL) 2-0.

125: Dias (Gv) d Lentz (BS) 9-7; Brown (D) d Boozer (Coc) 3-2.

130: Bryer (Coc) d Yori (CP) 13-10; Bosko (W) d Barger (Cl) 2-1.

135: Byham (Sae) p Burns (Mw) 5:47; Sleigh (D) md Lees (SI) 12-0.

140: Armstrong (Mw) d Baumgartner (GM) 7-2; Wasmund (CP) d Horne (Gv) 6-1.

145: Copeland (Gv) d Myers (GM) 5-3; Klose (H) d Chase (CP) 5-2.

152: Parsons (CP) d Brunst (Mw) 3-2; Morelli (D) d Perkins (Gv) 11-5.

160: Towers (Mv) md Andrews (Coc) 13-2; Heynoski (CP) d Tricker (H) 6-3.

171: Danver (Cl) d Blacharczyk (Mc) 3-1; Chase (CP) d Burnside (T) 8-1.

189: Tomiczek (Sae) d T.Williams (CL) 3-2; L.Hanna (D) d Murphy (BS) 7-2.

215: Hill (Cl) p Bryant (GM) 1:58; Cyphert (Coc) d Weaver (Gv) 5-2.

285: Baker (GM) d Reesman (H) 5-1; K.Thompson (Mv) p L.Thompson (CP) 3:15.


103 pounds: Jake Gromacki (CP) d Tommy Zeigler (SI) 3-1.

112: J.R. Perry (H) d Christian Stone (Cl) 6-3

119: Tyler Harris (Mc) d Dylan Graham (Cl) 7-4

125: Garrett Brown (D) d Nate Dias (Gv) 9-4

130: Matthew Bryer (Coc) p Amani Bosko (W) 3:37

135: Sean Byham (Sae) d Tom Sleigh (D) 4-2

140: Adam Armstrong (Mw) md Justin Wasmund (CP) 10-2

145: Cody Copeland (Gv) p Robbie Klose (H) 1:37

152: Geno Morelli (D) d Tyler Parsons (CP) 4-1

160: Zach Towers (Mv) d Dave Heynoski (CP) 1-0

171: Derek Danver (Cl) d Grant Chase (CP) 4-2

189: Josh Tomiczek (Sae) d Landon Hanna (D) 7-4

215: Cliff Hill (Cl) d Cameron Cyphert (Coc) 7-4

285: Kevin Thompson (Mv) p  Caleb Baker (GM) 2:44

Consolation brackets

Second round

103 pounds: Ptaszek (BS) p Boozer (Coc) 2:31; Wheeling (GM) d Lucarelli (H) 10-3; Donovan (T) p Moss :40; Dennis (Mw) md Schenberg (Sae) 13-2.

112: Ferritto (SI) md Shorts (W) 10-0; Parsons (Mw) p Kuntz (GM) 3:32; Ward (T) d Luben 11-7; Lukowich (CL) d Vizza (D) 1-0.

119: Burrows (Mv) p Marshall (D) 1:41;Ferrick (GM) p Chase (T) 3:19; Smith (Sae) d Hordusky (W) 6-1; Dietel (SI) tf Garman (BS) 15-0 3:05.

125: Capotis (CP) md Stark (H) 14-6; Card (W) d Turek (SI) 5-2; Smith (CL) p Aveni (Cl) 2:41; Whipkey (Mc) d Humes (Sae) 6-3.

130: Pollifrone (H) d Byham (Sae) 6-1; Busatto (D) d Mortimer (Gv) by forfeit; Miller (BS) p Tanaglia (SI) 4:57; Ellis (CL) p Bish (T) 3:15.

135: McBryde (CP) p Mellott 4:56; Spahn (Coc) d McDermott (GM) 4-0; Danver (Cl) p Davison (CL) 3:45; Brown (Gv) d Hamilton (H) 8-5.

140: Lansberry (Cl) p Morrow 3:53; Crawford (Mv) d Moore (Mc) by disqualification; Northcott (Coc) d Sallack (D) by forfeit; Calton (SI) d Schultz (Sae) 6-1.

145: Barirde (W) d DeRose (T) 6-2; McClintock (Mw) d Boylan (Sae) 7-0; Rendulic (CL) d Taylor (BS) 1-0; Hill (Cl) d Peterson (Coc) 9-7.

152: Eppehimer (Coc) md Nickle (BS) 11-3; Hendricks (GM) p Puharich (H) 2:16; Brown (W) d Harper (Cl) 2-0.

160: Johnson (W) d Mitchell (Sae) 5-4; Capra (Mc) md Marshall (D) 15-3; Riddle (BS) md Reynolds (Gv) md 11-0; Janesz (SI) d Laird (GM) 10-3.

171: Schmick (BS) d Shields (Mv) 3-0; Diodati (CL) md McLaughlin 13-4; Landfried (Gv) p Campbell (GM) 2:48; Merolla (H) d Haines (D) 8-4.

189: Keys (CP) tf Zickafoose (H) 15-0 1:51; Gentile (Gv) md Hall (Coc) 10-2; Baker (GM) d Thompson (Mc) 5-3; Vijusi (SI) d B.Hanna (T) 2-0.

215: Barrick (BS) p McDonald (Mv) :55; Sayre (H) p Warner (T) 1:40; Chapman (Sae) p  Barr (D) 1:29; Baughman (SI) p Williamson (CP) 2:34.

285: Stewart (Mw) d Gladysz (Gv) 4-3; Unger (BS) p Cray (SI) 2:15; Stafford (Sae) p Zello (CL) :35; Dixon (D) d Brown (W) 9-4.


103 pounds: Wheeling d Ptaszek 4-2; Donovan d Dennis 4-0.

112: Ferritto p Parsons 4:31; Lukowich d Ward 3-0.

119: Burrows d Ferrick 7-4; Smith d Dietel 6-2.

125: Capotis p Card :58; Whipkey md Smith 12-4.

130: Pollifrone p Busatto 4:15; Miller md Ellis 15-6.

135: McBryde tf Spahn 3:29; Danver d Brown 3-2.

140: Lansberry p Crawford 1:57; Calton d Northcott 5-3.

145: McClintock d Barirde 9-3; Rendulic d Hill 4-3.

152: Hendricks d Eppehimer 5-1; Moody d Brown 3-0.

160: Capra md Johnson 11-3; Riddle d Janesz 4-3.

171: Diodati d Schmick 12-5; Landfried p Merolla 2:36.

189: Keys p Gentile 2:16; Baker d Vijusi 8-1.

215: Sayre md Barrick 10-1; Chapman md Baughman 13-4.

285: Unger p Stewart 1:15; Stafford p Dixon 1:31.


103 pounds: Peters md Wheeling 10-0; Swauger md Donovan 12-2.

112: Seabright p Ferritto 4:19; Byers d Lukowich 4-2.

119: Burrows d Cornicelli by injury default; Juracko d Smith 6-1.

125: Lentz d Capotis 4:33; Whipkey d Boozer 7-5.

130: Yori d Pollifrone 4-0; Barger d Miller 11-4.

135: McBryde d Burns 9-6; Lees p Danver :30.

140: Baumgartner d Lansberry 5-1; Horne d Calton 6-4 OT.

145: Myers d McClintock 9-1; Chase d Rendulic 8-3.

152: Brunst d Hendricks 6-3; Perkins d Moody 7-2.

160: Capra d Andrews 7-3; Riddle p Tricker 2:15.

171: Diodati d Blacharczyk 6-4; Landfried d Burnside 4-0.

189: T.Williams p Keys 2:30; Murphy p Baker 1:32.

215: Sayre d Bryant 9-2; Weaver p Chapman 3:15.

285: Reesman p Unger :57; L.Thompson d Stafford 3-1.

Third-place finals

103 pounds: Shane Peters (Cl) d Bryce Swauger (D) 10-4.

112: Joseph Byers (BS) d Jake Seabright (Mc) 5-2.

119: Bobby Juracko (CL) p George Burrows (Mv) 1:20.

125: Mark Lentz (BS) d Christian Whipkey (Mc) 7-6.

130: Nolan Barger (Cl) d Dan Yori (CP) 7-3.

135: Mike McBryde (CP) p Nick Lees (SI) 1:45.

140: Zac Baumgartner (GM) d Blake Horne (Gv) 7-0.

145: D.J. Myers (GM) d Garrett Chase (CP) 3-2.

152: Cody Brunst (T) md Randy Perkins (Gv) 12-4.

160: John Riddle (BS) d Erik Capra (Mc) 7-6.

171: Tyler Landfried (Gv) d Dennis Diodati (CL) 5-2.

189: Logan Murphy (BS) d Tylor Williams (CL) 6-4.

215: Nick Weaver (Gv) p Chuck Sayre (H) 1:47.

285: Logan Thompson (CP) d Cody Reesman (H) 6-3.

Fifth-place finals

103 pounds: Joe Wheeling (GM) md Zach Donovan (T) 12-3.

112: Kyle Lukowich (CL) d Jimmy Ferritto (SI) 5-0.

119: Lucas Smith (Sae) d Alex Cornicelli (H) by injury default.

125: Chris Capotis (CP) d R.J. Boozer (Coc) 6-5.

130: Roland Miller (BS) d Mikey Pollifrone (H) 3-2.

135: Troy Danver (Cl) d Scott Burns (Mw) 9-5.

140: T.J. Calton (SI) d Cody Lansberry (Cl) 9-6.

145: Seth Rendulic (CL) d Bodey McClintock (Mw) by default.

152: Tyler Hendricks (GM) d Jon Moody (Mw) 7-2.

160: Bryce Tricker (H) d Austin Andrews (Coc) 5-2.

171: Brent Blacharczyk (Mc) d Jake Burnside (T) 3-1.

189: Markel Keys (CP) p Jake Baker (GM) 3:00.

215: Travis Bryant (GM) d Casey Chapman (Sae) 3-0.

285: Tylor Unger (BS) md Branden Stafford (Sae) 9-0.

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