Police Reports: LTPD

  • Police received a complaint of harassment by communications.  The incident is under investigation.
  • Police received a call of reckless driving on River Road the the bypass.  A Ford Pickup was passing vehicles in a no passing zone and sliding sideways.  The incident is under investigation.
  • Police responded to a domestic dispute in Hyde.  There was no physical altercation and the police were able to handle the complaint without further incident.
  • Police received a report of a burlary which occurred Wednesday morning.  The incident is under investigation.
  • Police responded to a disorderly conduct at a group home on Mill Road.  TThere were severals people that were being disorderly.  Police handled the situation without further incident.
  • Police were called to a domestic dispute on Montgomery Run road involving a mother and her 18 year old daughter.  The young female was escorted from the property.
  • Police were called to the Clearfield Area High School for a drug violation.  A 17 year old male took prescription drugs onto school property.  An investigation into the incident continues and charges are pending a full investigation.
  • Police received a call from the Clearfield Elementary School regarding a theft by deception incident where a known female sold items for a fundraiser and never turned in the money or slip and never delivered the items that had been purchased.  The investigation continues.
  • Police received a complaint of criminal trespass at Edgewood Apartments.  A known female was not to be at the complex and was.  Before police arrived they received another call. During this time the female left.
  • Police responded to a business along Turnpike Avenue for a report of a disturbance.  When police arrived all actors had fled the scene.
  • Police received a report of harassment from a Hyde resident.  A known female was calling the resident and harassing her.
  • Police received a report of identity theft/internet fraud from a resident.  An unknown individual used the resident’s credit card to purchase a computer over the internet.
  • Police received a report to check on the welfare of employees at the Red Carpet Inn after receiveing a 911 hang-up call.  Police found everything to be okay.
  • Police received a report of a vehicle off the roadway on Race Street.  A vehicle swerved to avoid an accident and went off the roadway.  The vehicle was pulled back onto the road and no further action was taken.
  • Police received a report of a mail scam from a local resident.  A resident was asked to cash a $3500 check and send the money for taxes on prize money that the resident supposedly won.
  • Police received a report of a traffic hazard that occured at the Hyde light.  A J.B. Hunt truck was traveling toward Curwensville with the gas cap removed and was spilling furel on the roadway.  The truck was gone upon police arrival.
  • Police located two individuals that were under age in the parking lot of Mojo’s.  The two individuals were found to have been consuming alcohol and to be in possession of alcohol.
  • Police located a suspicious individual in front of the Hyde Uni-Mart after hours.  The individual was found in need of a ride and police assisted her in getting transportation.
Police Report: PSP DuBois
Police Report: DuBois PSP