Dec. 18 Clearfield-Jefferson ARC Notes

Visit to learn more about the Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter or visit us on Facebook. 

Give the gift of life this holiday season.  Red Cross Infant/Child CPR, Adult CPR and First Aid gift certificates are available in our offices.  You can also visit for more gift options.

Punxsutawney Phil Beanie Babies are on clearance sale for wonderful stocking stuffers!!  Great selectionof years available, only $2.50 each.  Stop by the office to purchase yours

Holiday hours for the Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter offices of the Red Cross will be as follows: Closed, Dec. 24, 27, 31.  We will be opened from 8:30-12:30 on December 30. Disaster volunteers will be on-call to respond in the case of emergency. 

American Red Cross volunteers responded to a structure fire on Buskirk Road in Falls Creek on Monday, Dec. 13. The volunteers provided canteen for approximately 40 firefighters and emergency personnel.  The American Red Cross will also provide emergency assistance to the victims of the fire.

Volunteers from the DuBois Chapter assisted the Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter with this response.


Be the first to wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas. .

Mend a broken relationship with someone during the holidays.

Be nice to sales personnel. They’re often wearier than you are.

Take a holiday family photograph each year in the same spot, such as by a favorite tree in your yard. In years to come, you’ll have a wonderful record of the growth of your family, as well as of the tree.

If a child gives you a homemade gift, convince him it’s your favorite gift of all.

Take a shut-in a scrumptious Christmas dinner.

Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, read by candle light about the birth of Jesus in Luke 2.

Go caroling.

Instead of the usual bedtime stories, read to your children about the Christmas customs in other countries.

Before going to bed every night of the Christmas season, ask yourself, “Whose life did I make brighter today?”

Call a nursing home and get the names of five people who don’t often receive mail. Send each one a Christmas card and sign it “from Santa”.

Tip someone who doesn’t expect it.

Wait until Christmas morning to place Jesus in your Nativity scene.

Drink from a Christmas coffee mug.

Offer to run Christmas errands for an elderly friend or relative.

Make French toast with eggnog.

Attend a Christmas Eve service with your family.

Give an anonymous gift of money to someone who has been laid off. .

Fix yourself a cup of hot cocoa and read “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.

Be a generous giver.

Be a gracious receiver.

Make it a holiday practice to do something nice for someone without telling them you did it. Attend a children’s Christmas pageant

Give someone who’s discouraged the gift of encouragement.

Make your family feel just as important as your holiday company.

Pay a debt for someone.

Plan a quiet evening with your family the week after Christmas. Talk about your goals for the coming year.

Go ice skating.

This Christmas, write letters to several people who have had a positive influence on your life. Thank them for the gift they have given you.

Give gifts with no strings attached.

Secretly shovel off your neighbor’s front walk.

Serve cinnamon sticks with hot cider and peppermint sticks with hot chocolate.

Ask children “What are you giving for Christmas?” instead of “What are you getting for Christmas?”

Don’t forget whose birthday we’re celebrating.

Merry Christmas from the Staff of the Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter of the American Red Cross

Health & Safety Classes

Adult CPR                                              

                        Punxsutawney- January 3-6 p.m.

                        Clearfield- January 13-6 p.m.

                        Brookville- January 18-6 p.m.                       

First Aid

                        Punxsutawney-January 4-6 p.m.                      

                        Brookville-January 20-6 p.m.

                        Clearfield-January 29- 6 p.m. 

Infant/Child CPR

                      Clearfield-January 6-6 p.m.

Call 765-5516 in Clearfield or 849-2712 in Brookville to register for classes or place an order. 

Blood Drives

Clearfield Bloodmobile Schedule

            Dec. 17                        440 Front Street                                                          12:00-6:00

            Dec. 22                        Pleasant Valley UM Church                                       12:00-6:00

            Dec. 28                        Clearfield YMCA                                                       12:00-6:00

            Dec. 30                        St. Bona Ventures-Grampian                                      12:30-6:00

            Dec. 31                        440 Front St.                                                               8:30-1:00

            Jan. 7                           440 Front Street                                                          12:00-6:00

            Jan. 10                         St. John Lutheran Church                                           12:00-6:00

            Jan. 21                         440 Front Street          `                                               12:00-6:00

Jefferson County Bloodmobile Schedule                    

            Jan. 4                           Brockway Presbyterian                                                 12:00-6:00

            Jan. 7                           Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Sykesville             12:00-6:00

            Jan. 7                           Big Run War Memorial                                               12:30-6:00

           Jan. 7                           First United Methodist Church, Punxy                      12:00-6:00

            Jan. 14                         Brookville Church of God                                          12:00-6:00

            Jan. 18                         St. Marys Church-Reynoldsville                                 1:00-7:00


      Longaberger Basket Raffle will be held in February.  Tickets are available now at the following locations: Clearfield United Way, 765-6521; American Red Cross, 1100 South Second St., Clearfield, PA, 765-5516;  American Red Cross, 18 Western Avenue Suite B, Brookville, PA, 849-2712.  Tickets cost $25.00 and a winner will be drawn every day in February plus a “Bonus Basket”.  The Longaberger Basket Raffle benefits the American Red Cross and the Clearfield Area United Way. 

                  Red Cross is a United Way and United Fund Participating Agency and RSVP Station. 

The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies nearly half of the nation’s blood; teaches lifesaving skills; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a charitable organization — not a government agency — and depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or join our blog at Support your American Red Cross! Checks may be sent to Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter, 1100 S. Second St. Suite 2, Clearfield, Pa 16830, or Clearfield-Jefferson Chapter, 18 Western Ave, Brookville, Pa 15825.  VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

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