State Police Urge Motorists to Slow Down and Stay Sober

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania drivers should buckle up and slow down as they take to the roads during the holiday season, said State Police Commissioner Frank E. Pawlowski.

“Traffic always increases at this time of year as Pennsylvanians go shopping, attend parties or travel to visit family,” Pawlowski said. “Please protect yourself, your passengers and other motorists by using common sense and obeying all traffic laws.”

“Buckle up on every trip. Refrain from aggressive driving behaviors, such as speeding or tailgating.  And never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking alcohol.”

Pawlowski said state police will participate in National Lifesaver Weekend, Dec. 17-19, a traffic law enforcement effort sponsored by Operation C.A.R.E., or Combined Accident Reduction Effort. It is a nationwide program through which state highway patrol agencies work to reduce traffic deaths during holiday periods through enforcement and education.

Pawlowski said troopers this weekend will focus their efforts on motorists who display aggressive or erratic driving behaviors.

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