CCRTA Pleased with 2011 Travel Planner

CLEARFIELD – The 2011 Travel Planner was unveiled at Wednesday’s meeting of the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority.

“(Its) print quality is sharp; it caught my eye right away,” said Holly Komonczi, director of the CCRTA.

Board member Wilson Fisher echoed similar thoughts. When he opened the nearly 60-page magazine-like publication, his first thought was, “boy, we have come a long way.”

Komonczi said this year’s travel planner is of a quality that supersedes those from the past. Fisher said he wasn’t sure how the CCRTA would be able to top it in the years to come.

Looking forward, board chairwoman Nancy Micks said they must strive to maintain the same quality in the future.

However, Komonczi has already identified areas to improve upon and brainstormed ideas for the next travel planner.

She is currently searching out an innovative mapping design. She browsed other tourism publications and found some that she likes, which may also suit their needs.

In addition, Komonczi wants to stay away from using repetitive photos. She said they’re always looking for fresh photographs of scenery and activities from around the county.

“Send photos. We love them,” she said.

Board member Terry Malloy said he appreciated the commissioners for endorsing it as the official travel planner for Clearfield County. Each year, he said the CCRTA experiences ongoing issues with fraudulent publications being presented to local businesses.

“I think this will eliminate a lot of that,” he said.

Lunar Cow Design, Inc. of Akron, OH produced this year’s travel planner.

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