Clearfield Commissioners Set 2 Percent Salary Increase for Elected Officials in 2014, 2015

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners voted to approve a 2 percent salary increase for elected officials in eight offices at a special meeting Tuesday night. The salary increase will be effective in 2014 and remain so through 2015.

The salary increase applies to all elected officials in the offices of the commissioners, controllers, sheriff’s, jury commissioners, treasure’s, register and recorder’s, coroners and the prothonotary/clerk of courts. The district attorney, the judges and district magistrates have their salaries set by the state.

“It shouldn’t be any more than 2 percent. We have asked the county employees to hold the line. It would be unfair for elected officials to get a higher raise,” said Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen prior to any official action by the board.

She pointed out that all non-union employees received a 2 percent raise in the preliminary county budget for next year, which was presented at a work shop meeting Tuesday morning. She said the elected officials need to accept the same raise and set an example for everyone.

Commissioner Chairman John A. Sobel said the previous board set the salaries in January 2006. Currently, elected officials are scheduled to receive a 3 percent salary increase each year through 2013, he said.

Robinson-McMillen said she would not be accepting her raise next year and asking the controller’s office to maintain her current salary. Sobel said he intended to do the same. 

Commissioner Mark McCracken said a motion wouldn’t be needed to take action, as it was their personal decision to do so. He said the salaries have been set for them, and he was unsure of the procedure for moving forward.

“Because the salaries have been set and are already in the budget, you may have to (receive the raise) and issue a check back to the county,” he said.

Both Sobel and Robinson-McMillen said they would contact the controller’s office and look into it further.

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7 thoughts on “Clearfield Commissioners Set 2 Percent Salary Increase for Elected Officials in 2014, 2015

  1. sickandtired

    The commissioners should stop lying to the residents of this county. They have no intention of paying county employees a 2 % raise this coming year. They want a wage freeze for county employees. Furthermore, they want to decrease benefits and take away holidays/personal days that county employees have had for years. They hired a high priced lawyer from Pittsburgh to do the contracts, even thought they already pay a law firm out of Pittsburgh for other legal work. It is time that the residents of this county start standing up for each other.

    • provoking1

      The non-union employees of the county will get a 2% raise and the county millage is being reduced. Budgets are first proposed, then voted on.

      “It is time that the residents of this county start standing up for each other.”

      Interesting point. However, since it is the residents of the county who pay for the salary and benefit packages of the county employees, the bill payers unemployment rate is elevated, their salary and benefit packages are stagnant, so it seems that the county is standing up for those who they represent.

      The only way the county can pay people any more money is to start reducing its workforce and further reducing services. Newsflash-the money isn’t there.

      • sickandtired

        First of all the union employees work just as hard as the non-union employees.

        Secondly, there is at least one agency I know of that the county only pays a very small percentage of the employees’ salaries with the rest being reimbursed by the state and federal governments.

        Thirdly, if the county is hurting so bad for money, then why did the commissioners lower the property taxes – oh that’s right it is time for at least 2 of them to be re-elected. Also, after the elections do you really think that property taxes aren’t going to go back up and be even higher.

        Fourth, if the commissioners hadn’t spent over a million dollars for a building that they didn’t need there would be more money available.

        Fifth, as for reducing the work force, there are positions open that the commissioners won’t fill, which causes other employees to pick up the slack. This causes more employees to work more overtime, thus raises the amount of money needed to pay salaries.

        Last but not least, if you want to stand behind the commissioners because you feel they did such a great job – more power to you. You have a right to your opinion. As for me and the many people I have talked to – there will be new commissioners come the next election.

        • Inequity_Breeds_Contempt

          Why all the press this year about salaries? Last year most (all but one) non-union county employees only got 2 percent raises while all the union employess and elected officials got 3 percent or more. There weren’t any news stories or anyone voluteering to give their raise back then. This is the second year in a row the non-union employees, who are held to a higher standard because they don’t have union protection to hide behind, were treated as less worthy. They are continually asked by the Commissioners to do more with less by reducing their department budgets year after year and when the work gets done and the same level of service is attained (mostly by putting in more hours that they aren’t compensated for (non-union remember, no hourly wage)how are they rewarded for their extra work and time? With 2 percent instead of 3 percent or more like everyone else will get

          It’s all well and good to freeze the salaries of elected officials and it sure makes the Commissioners look good in the paper but this won’t go into effect for three years. What happens in the meantime? The non-union employees will continue to get left behind and employee morale will continue to get lower than it is already, if that’s even possible. There are many county governments that are fully unionized, even management positions. If things continue on this same course, I don’t see any other choice for the non-union employees to be treated equally.

          • mstewart

            In response to the comment made in the Progress by Ms. McMillen as to the commissioners not taking a raise and hoping the county employees will make concessions when it comes to their raise. If we made $40,000 plus a year, maybe we could afford to withgo the raise. Most people dont’ know that Clearfield County employees are one of the lowest, if not the lowest, paid county employees in the state. We are only allowed to work 32 1/2 hours a week. If we could work a regular 40 hour week, we wouldn’t need a raise. Plus, we wouldn’t be so far behind in our work because we don’t have enough hours to get it done. I can commend the commissioners for not taking their raise, but don’t do it at the expense of the employees.

          • provoking1

            “Why all the press this year about salaries? Last year most (all but one) non-union county employees only got 2 percent raises …”

            President Obama has frozen the wages of all Federal employees for 2 years. People on social security have had their wages frozen because of the COLA formulation-which is as it applies to them is very strange since their medicare rates went up twice. The unemployment rate is high in Clearfield County.

            Mark Mc Cracken motioned to freeze all elected officials wages and it was supported by all the commissioners.

            If the county is a bad place to work at and people can get better employment, by all means they should!

            Most people in Pennsylvania realize that with the 2012 pension crisis right around the bend everyone has to cut budgets to pay the pension bill ahead.

        • provoking1

          “First of all the union employees work just as hard as the non-union employees. ” –who questioned that they did not?

          “with the rest being reimbursed by the state and federal governments”. The state and federal government have no money. The state and federal government are BROKE spending money that doesn’t exist. Much of that money has strings attached requiring that we spend money. The Commonwealth owes the county six figures in salaries. Who covers that? The billpayers of this county.

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