CCRTA Approves Committee Nominations

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CLEARFIELD – Board members of the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority approved its slate of committee nominations at its regular meeting Wednesday.

Jane Elling, who served on the board’s nominations committee, said all board members accepted their designation, when she contacted them for confirmation purposes prior to the meeting.

She presented the following committee appointments:

  • Board members Nancy Micks, Hildred Rowles, Missy Rummel, Joe Kendrick and Elling to the executive committee;
  • Micks, Kendrick and board members Tom Grice, Wilson Fisher and Terry Malloy to the strategic planning committee;  
  • Micks, Grice, Elling and board member Ray Savel to the audit, budget and finance committee;
  • Rummel, Grice, Rowles and board members Greg Sheehan and Lynda McCracken to the hotel tax committee; and
  • McCracken, Rummel, Rowles and Sheehan to the marketing and partnerships committee.

According to a prior GantDaily report, the CCRTA formed a nominations committee in September, which consisted of board members Elling, Fisher, Sheehan and John Sobel.

Elling contacted all board members and developed committees based on their individual interests. Micks thought it was best if Elling reconfirmed the committee designations with the board members after last month’s regular meeting.

“We need to take a look at it. We want to make sure they’ll work well with each other on the task at hand,” Micks said. She advised that the board votes on officers only; she said committee members are appointed, not elected.

Executive Director Holly Komonczi asked the board then if they believed any committees needed “revamped” or combined. Micks said they need committees who are not only meeting on a regular basis but also helping better the board.

Micks said they needed to “pull all their heads together” and establish guidelines and expectations for the committees to follow. She said those need to be communicated to the committees and their members.

Following a brief executive session, the board approved to increase office assistant Sue Swales Vitullo’s pay to $10.50 per hour. In addition, they hired Brian Roseberry to fill the tourism promotion position. His pay was set at $12.50 per hour. Both positions are full-time.

Micks said it has been difficult for the CCRTA to place dollar values to its vacant positions while their office has been under a transition and reorganizational phase.

In the spring, she said all CCRTA staff will experience a review process. She said the board will then determine if an additional staff person is needed in the office.

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