Corbett Elected Next Governor of PA


The voters have spoken, and it appears that Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett will be the next governor of Pennsylvania.

Corbett (R) received 2,135,187 votes, compared to opponent Dan Onorato (D), who received 1,783,114 votes.

Corbett will take over for current Gov. Edward G. Rendell, who has served two terms.

According to Corbett’s Web site:

In 2008, Attorney General Tom Corbett was re-elected with more than three million votes, which is more votes than any Republican candidate in the history of Pennsylvania. On September 14, 2009, Tom Corbett announced his campaign for Governor and has received the endorsements of former Governors Richard Thornburgh, Tom Ridge and Mark Schweiker because of his proven strength at the ballot box, his vision for Pennsylvania and his experience and accomplishments as a prosecutor, a soldier, business executive and small business owner.

Corbett will be joined by running mate Jim Cawley.

(Number of votes as of 12:35 a.m.; 9,190 precincts out of 9,244)

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3 thoughts on “Corbett Elected Next Governor of PA

  1. Rogueone

    Anyone else the Marcellus Shale ad at the top of this page? They would like to be Tom Corbett’s new employers, which, now that they can donate unlimited funds to any candidate isn’t too unlikely. I’ve never understood why people think Republicans and their deregulations and tax cuts are good for us (most of us, that is, they are *very* good for the wealthy). We’ve always done better economically under Dems (who I think are a little crazy, but better to have their pro-citizen policies tempered by conservative watchdogs than to have the conservatives giving corporations their way) and our economy always suffers under Republicans. Let’s face, corporations are designed to care about the bottom-dollar, not their communities, nor their employees; that needs to be balanced, not given a free pass. No wonder all the jobs went to China. Tom Corbett will stink as governor and PA will have a lot to recover from when his term ends.

    • Dieselrider

      “We’ve always done better economically under Dems”

      Yeah we seem to be doing so well with them right now- NOT! Obviously Rogueone has never run a company of his/her own. If you had you would know that it is nothing like what the employee sees it as. If you want to know what moves jobs overseas, here are a few. Social security, medicare, real estate taxes, medical benefits,paid vacation, paid sick days, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance. Just to name a few. China doesn’t have any of those for their companies to pay for.

      Let’s say you hire some one at $10/ per hour. What is the real employer’s cost per hour for that employee? $15.00-$17.00/hr when you add all the baggage that comes with them. If it is a good employee and makes you money, no problem. But, if not the costs are still there.

      Another thing. How many times have you been hired by someone with less money than you? The only way for you to be employed is for someone, with more resources than you, to take a chance on you. Why in the devil would they do that to not make a profit? Making a profit is not a bad thing.

  2. Dieselrider

    I don’t like politicians but, if this guy is half as good a governor that he was as Attorney General, he will make a good one. I have never seen or heard of an Attorney General doing more for the state then Tom Corbett.

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