Clearfield County Election Results

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Here are the election results for Clearfield County, as of 11:55 p.m. Votes include absentee ballots and 71 of 71 precincts. Write-ins will be tabulated at a later date. The first number show is the number of votes, followed by the percentage.

United States Senator
           JOE SESTAK (DEM) 9,686   39.44

           PAT TOOMEY (REP) 14,802   60.27

Governor and Lieutenant Governor
           DAN ONORATO (DEM) 9,011   36.41

           TOM CORBETT (REP) 15,689   63.39

Representative in Congress 5TH DISTRICT
           MICHAEL PIPE (DEM) 6,403   29.01

           GLENN THOMPSON (REP) 15,061   68.23

           VERNON L. ETZEL (LIB) 583    2.64

Representative in Congress 9TH DISTRICT
           TOM CONNORS (DEM) 867   36.51

           BILL SHUSTER (REP) 1,504   63.33

Representative in the General Assembly 74TH DISTRICT
           CAMILLE GEORGE (DEM) 8,900   51.90

           GLENN JOHNSTON (REP) 8,223   47.95

Representative in the General Assembly 75TH DISTRICT
           FRANK STRAUB (DEM) 1,745   22.80

           MATT GABLER (REP) 5,904   77.14

All results are unofficial until certified by the Clearfield County Board of Elections.

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