Scarnati Presents $100,000 to Clearfield Hospital

Sen. Joe Scarnatie presented a $100,000 grant to hospital officials on Friday. (Aaron T. Evans)

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Hospital will install a state-of-the-art nurse/patient communication system thanks to a state grant secured by Senate President Pro Tempore and Lt. Gov. Joseph Scarnati (R-25 Jefferson County).

Scarnati presented the $100,000 to hospital officials at a ceremony held on Friday. 

Scarnati said it was a very good feeling, being able to work on the hospital’s behalf to bring taxpayer money back to the community. He noted that such an action not only preserves jobs, but creates them as well.

The primary benefit of the new system is direct communication with the caregivers. Currently, when a patient rings for his or her nurse, a bell rings in the nurses’ station.

With the new system, when a patient rings for his or her caregiver, the call is directly to the appropriate nurse via a wireless that the nurse carries. The patient will be able to speak directly with the nurse. This direct caregiver communication will improve response time and decrease overhead paging to deliver a quiet healing environment.

Another aspect of the new system is patient monitoring. Once all of the components are installed, the system will have the ability to monitor several safety concerns that are preset by the nurse.

For example, the nurse/patient communication system can monitor to ensure that the fall alarm is always activated, if the head of the bead is at the ordered position, brakes are appropriately set on the bed and when the last time the patient was for turning and positioning.

If any of the preset paremeters are not complete, the system will immediately notify the nurse assigned to the patient.

“The physicians rely on the nurses as partners in caring for our patients,” said Gregory Sheffo, M.D., chief medical officer. “This system allows for meeting our patients’ needs and safeguarding their well being in a more effective manner.

“We’re very excited to move forward with this project and, are are grateful to Senator Scarnati for recognizing its importance.”

“Our old system has certainly served us well, but in order to respond to the needs of our patients we must evolve technologically,” said Kathy Bedgar, M.S., R.N., chief nursing officer. “This system will allow nursing personnel to spend more time with each patient providing the hands-on care that  they wish to give and that our patients deserve.

“We thank Senator Scarnati for his ongoing support of Clearfield Hospital. He’s a champion for improving healthcare for all.”

The new system will replace one that is more than 30-years-old. According to a press release issued by the hospital, the installation will be handled in phases. The first, and what is considered the most important phase will begin in November and be completed within a year. This focus will focus on installing the system on the main nursing floors. Subsequent phases will involve other departments, including the emergency department and ambulatory care unit.

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