Sandy Township gets New Tax Collection Agency

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DUBOIS – Keystone Collection Services will replace Central Tax as the county tax collecting agency starting in 2011, Sandy Township Manager Dick Castonguay stated at the Sandy Township Supervisor’s meeting.

Last Thursday Clearfield County’s tax committee voted to not accept the lowest bidder, according to Castunguay, and go with Keystone Collection Services for the county-wide collection of the Earned Income Tax and Local Service Taxes. Their committee will move on to contract negotiations for the three-year contract next.

Central Tax is for now the tax collecting agency used by Sandy Township.

“It will probably cost Sandy Township more than the old system,” said Castonguay.

According to the township manager and Sandy Township’s representative to the committee, Keystone Collection Services was a half-percent higher than the lowest bid. Castonguay noted another difference between the two companies is that Central Tax wasn’t planning on charging for postage. While individually a small cost, the township manager estimated it could lead to a collective cost to the township of $13,000-15,000 for each round of forms the townhip citizens mail back.

The committee voted several times, with Central Tax winning the majority vote in the first round, to decide on the tax collecting agency. Rules require a super majority vote of representatives present using a weighted vote system.

“Again, it was something that was imposed upon all municipalities by the legislature, and the board has 62 members,” said Castonguay.

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