Knaub Takes Street Block Nationals at Central PA Speedway

Submitted by Terry Whetstone

CLEARFIELD, PA – Gene Knaub of Dover made his first ever visit to Tim Bainey’s Central PA Speedway a good one as he picked up the Shawn “Sheetz” McGarvey Steel Block Late Models Nationals.

Allen Dillenger of Hermitage remains undefeated in the Street Stocks and Ray Hickok Jr. of Commodore grabbed the Four Cylinder feature.

With the missing man formation at the front of the field to honor McGarvey and with his daughter, Kelli on the flagstand as the honorary starter, 24 of the Late Models took the green flag.

Tim Fedder took the lead at the start with Gene Knaub in second and Chuck Kennedy in third. As the race continued Fedder continued to set the pace, but Knaub was all over the bumper of the Fedder, Knaub tried high and low multiple times then as the field began to work the slower traffic, Kanaub was able to go to the outside and take the lead off the second turn.

The first caution flew on lap 25 with Duane Brooks going up in smoke as the engine let go in the 1B. On the restart Knaub continued to lead with Fedder second, but Fedder looped the number 8 in the second turn, relegating him to the rear of the field as Kennedy assumed second and Tim Smith was third.

Smith was able to get past the #51 of Kennedy on lap 26 as the field continued to try and run down Knaub, but Knaub was hooked up. Smith then started to draw closer to Knaub but the double checkered flags waved as flagman Mike Frisco brought the race to an end. Smith, Kennedy, Chris Farrell and Luke Hoffner completed to the top five. Kennedy, Knuab and George Fultz won the heats and Grant Adams won the B main.

The Street Stocks were led to the start with Tim Krape and Jamie Barber on the front row, with Krape taking the initial led with a hard crash in turns three and four slowing the racing. The race eliminate Barber, Fuzzy Fields and Randy Wyant. The crash send Allen Dillenger to the rear after pitting with a flat.

On the restart it was still Krape leading with Eric Baun taking the lead on lap three. Baun was setting the pace with Dominic Surra driving second and trying to gain the upper hand on Baun, finally on lap eight, Surra took lead and he was pulling away from Baun, then by the 11th lap Dillenger made his way back to second and on lap 17 he was able to get past Surra for the lead. Surra was able to hold off Baun for second with Tom Snyder fourth and Joe Kott fifth. Dillenger, Surra and Baun won the heats while Randy Wyant and Brian Rhedd won the twin eight lap B mains.

Ray Hickok Jr. took the lead from Brent Sholtis at the start of the Four Cylinder feature and led to the finish as he had a number of challenges for the lead, first from Doug Surra then from Mike Lucas, but then Surra came back to second but could not muster up the power to get the win. The top five were: Hickok, Surra, Lucas, Ben Smith and Cody Robbins. Smith and Sholtis won the heats.

BEAR TRAX: 91 teams filled the pits including 32 Late Models, 37 Street Stocks and 22 Four Cylinders.Chuck Kennedy of Brockway was racing with a heavy heart, as his dad passed away last week.Dan Henry of Luthersburg got the night off to a fast start as he collected the first turn wall and flipped off the speedway. He was ok.The Steel Block Nationals is now the Shawn “Sheetz” McGarvey Memorial Steel Block Nationals in memory of McGarvey who was killed in a freak, work related accident in April of 2009. In 2008 McGarvey won his very last race by copping the Steel Block Nationals. McGarvey started his career at the speedway and he won several races there and titles, along with the historic Yankee Doodle 50 in 2005…The next event on the schedule is the Topless Late Model event. The Topless event will pay $2,000 to win, $200 to start with bonus money added for the teams who support the “Topless” theme. The cars who qualify and start the main event topless will receive a bonus $100 and a bonus of $500 is up for grabs if the race winner is running with the top down. The Street Stock Shoot out finale will be on the schedule and for the first time under the Tim Bainey ownership the Pure Stocks will be in action. Check the website at for more details.


Steel Block Late Model Nationals: 1. Gene Knaub, Dover; 2. Tim Smith Jr., 3. Chuck Kennedy, 4. Chris Farrell, 5. Luke Hoffner, 6. Shawn Jones, 7. Andy Fries, 8. Chris Casner, 9. Denny Fenton, 10. Grant Adams, 11. Cody Schultz, 12. Tim Fedder, 13. George Fultz, 14. Matt Gaston, 15. Ryan Christoff, 16. Bobby McMillen, 17. Terry Rayko, 18. Jerry Redden, 19. Dwayne Taneyhill, 20. Bill Davis, 21. Ray Farrell, 22. Chris Clark, 23. Greg Kent, 24. Duane Brooks.

Did not qualify: Tom Shaffer, Billy Marvin, Tony Musolino, Bernie Whiteford, Ted Gallaher, John Brady, Merve Killion, John Checnalavich.

Street Stocks: 1. Allen Dillenger, Hermitage; 2. Dominic Surra, 3. Eric baun, 4. Tom Snyder, 5. Joe Kott, 6. Tim Krape, 7. Gary Little, 8. Dan Smeal, 9. Jason Johns, 10. Jamie Price.

Four Cylinders: 1. Ray Hickok, Jr., Commodore; 2. Doug Surra, 3. Mike Lucas, 4. Ben Smith, 5. Cody Robbins, 6. Todd Fedder, 7. Kenny White, 8. Jon Lee, 9. Derrick Dillenger, 10. Lee Zalno.

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