Police Report: CBPD

  • A large sum of money was turned into police after it was found downtown.  The owner may claim it by contacting the police.
  • Police were called to Witmer Park to check on the welfare of four children.  The children were four, nine, 11, and 12-years old.  The older children were supervising the four-year old.  Police spoke to the parents and advised them of the complaint. 
  • Police received a parking complaint on East Locust Street.  A ticket was issued for the vehicle being parked against traffic.
  • Police investigated a reported accident that occurred at the intersection of Weaver Street and Merrill Street.  A group of teenagers were sitting on the back of a car when the operator pulled from the intersection.  One kid fell from the car and hurt her arm.
  • Police assisted the fire department at a residential fire at 808 Dorey Street.  While there, they received a complaint of a person obstructing emergency services.
  • Police received a complaint of a fight at the intersection of Weaver and Merrill Streets.
  • Police received a complaint of open burning on the 300 block of South Fourth Street.
  • Police were called to a property dispute on Fourth Street.
  • Police served a bench warrant at the police station.
Police Report: PSP CLFD
Police Report: LTPD

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